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Minecraft Mob Vote 2021: Who won the Mob Vote 2021?

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 has concluded and the Winner have been declared that will be added in the next Minecraft Wild Update!

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 winner Allay!

Minecraft Live 2021 just recently concluded its showings and players are the most excited about the Mob Vote part of the show. The Allay is the Mob which won the polling of Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 and will be the next one to be introduced into the game!

Minecraft Live gave a sneak peak into the next step that it is going to take after the Caves and Cliffs update Part II. It announced the Wild Update and also the next changes to the Deep Dark that will spawn Ancient Cities and the Warden. But the main focal point of this year’s live is the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021. Players could vote for their favourite mob during the duration of the Live on Twitter. And after 2 rounds of voting, we can now answer the question of who won the Mob Vote 2021 with certainity!

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021: Minecraft Allay in the Wild Update!

Minecraft Allay (Image via. minecraft.net)

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 was a great event where players were given choice of choosing between 3 very unique mobs!

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The choices for the players were:

Among these three, the votes were polled on Twitter in a 2-round voting during the Minecraft Live 2021. And after the new biomes and updates were revealed, the last segment announced the Winner of the Mob vote.

This was won by one other than the Allay! The Allay is a small fairy-like mob with blue body and can be tamed by the players. Upon taming, a Halo will appear on their heads. This mob can be given a specific item and they will collect some more similar or almost similar items that are around it. They are also a great lover of music and will dances with joy near Note blocks, as well as drop the items it is carry near them.

This can be used to build a great storage system and it is also one of the cutest mobs to be conceptualised. Now that the player voting has been completed, the Allay will move into development and fine-tuning it for the next update of the game.

It is supposed to be released with the Minecraft Wild Update, which is the new update announced in the Live. The dates have not been revealed for the arrival of this yet, but players can expect it by next year!

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