Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs in the game listed!

Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs are secrets the players can discover by chance or by sheer coincidence. However we list all of them so that players can find them easily!

Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs
Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs
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Minecraft has a ton of fun hidden things that escape the players in plain sight. In this article we discuss all the Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs that have been put by the developers in the game.

Name Tags are very hard to find in the game due to their not-craftable nature. Name tags can only be found in Chests in Mansions, Buried treasures and Mines. Players can name mobs so that they do not despawn, but sometimes it has some other fun uses too.

Down below are all the Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs!

Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs

Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs
Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are hidden functions that do some fun things that may come as a surprise to many players. Rest assured, these functions can’t be obtained otherwise and name tags are the best way to find them.

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The Upside down Dinnerbone!

Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs

Naming a mob “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” using the renamed Name tag, will invert the mob upside down. The mob will walk and behave normally, but its legs will walk upside down on the skies!

This is quite a funny Minecraft Name Tag Easter eggs that the players can get easily.

Jhonny The Vindicator

Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs
Jhonny the Vindicator

The Vindicators are one of the most dangerous mobs in the game that attack the players. However, due to an Easter Egg naming a Vindicator “Jhonny” will make it even angrier than ever.

It will attack any mob it comes across, even the Ender Dragon and the Wither. It will never beat them but at least it will swing its axe in rage!

Rainbow Sheep

Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs

Sheep come in many colors and the pink one is the rarest. Players can dye the wool but what if one sheep can change into all the colors?

This is exactly what this Minecraft Name tag Easter Egg does! Naming a Sheep, “jeb_” will make the fur of the sheep change color like a disco ball. This is quite the fun pet to have as it is interactive and does not exist naturally in the Minecraft World.

However, sadly, players cannot have multi-coloured wool by sheering them as of yet.

Rabbit named “Toast”

Minecraft Name tag Easter Eggs

This is an emotional story about a Minecraft player known as Reddit user xyzen420, whose pet-rabbit, Toast, went missing in 2014 and was never found again. The player requested Mojang to place his rabbit in the game in remembrance and the developers obliged!

YouTube: The Android Miner

Naming the rabbit, “Toast” changes the fur color to a black and white, which is not available in the game naturally.

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