Minecraft Nether Star: Locations, uses and more!

The Minecraft Nether Star is a super rare item that can be used in crafting Beacons, which are one of the best buffing structures in the game!

Minecraft Nether Star
Minecraft Nether Star (image via. Reddit)

Minecraft is primarily a crafting and exploring game where players can go on epic adventures and use their self-made items to survive. Here is all about the Minecraft Nether Star and how to get it and its respective uses!

Some items in Minecraft can be hard to find based on their rarity and means of finding them. These can be classified in common, uncommon. rare and unique items and finding them gets progressively harder. The items can be found through breaking, mining, finding chests and treasure and killing mobs found in the game.

The Minecraft Nether Star is one of the most unique items in the game which can only be found through one single way!

Minecraft Nether Star

Minecraft Nether Star
Nether Star (image via. custom-cursor.com)

The Nether Star is a very rare item and is only dropped by the Wither side-boss in Minecraft.

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The Nether Star is a unique star shaped item with a animated glint such as potions and enchanted items. It can be recognized instantly by its 4 hand star shape and white color.

YouTube: Stingray Productions

As stated above, the Nether Star is an item that is unique to the Wither Boss and has the guarantee to always drop when players kill a Wither. Players need to collect blocks of Soul Sand and three rare Wither Skeleton heads to summon the Wither. The Skeleton heads are rare as it is and defeating the Wither is no small task as well.

After, successfully defeating the Wither, the Nether Star will also drop along with a Wither Rose. The rarity of this item is not to be underestimated as proven above.

Uses for Nether Star

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The Minecraft Nether Star is an item that can be got only from one source and is also used in making only one item in the whole game.

It is used in crafting a Beacon which is an towering laser which can give various status effect buffs to the players within its area of effect. This is one of the best buff type items that the players can build and is also used as a decorative structure to mark the territory.

To craft a Beacon read here.

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