Minecraft Pandas: Location, Drops, Uses and more!

Minecraft Pandas are cute mobs that have separate personalities with each a separate behaviour. They like Cake and bamboos and here are all the features and drops for this adorable animal!

Minecraft Pandas
Minecraft Pandas: All you need to know!

Minecraft has introduced many new mobs and continues to do so even now in newer updates. In this article we take a look at Minecraft Pandas which is quite a new addition and an incredibly fun one as well!

Minecraft has a variety of mobs that the players can meet and befriend them. The recent updates have added many new mobs to the ever growing list and it will see further increase in the near future.

Down below we take a look at all the features of the Minecraft Pandas.

Minecraft Pandas

Minecraft Pandas
Minecraft Pandas

Minecraft Pandas are a rare neutral mob found in bamboo jungle biomes or normal jungle biomes. Spawning in a normal jungle biome is a bit rarer and they spawn in groups of 1-2.

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Behaviour and Personalities

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Pandas are neutral towards the players, which means they will only attack when hurt by the player. They are also attracted towards bamboo and Cake, and will follow the players if they are holding one.

They are also very playful and jump and roll around whenever possible. They are also really scared of the thunder and whimper during a thunderstorm. These lovable creatures are also the favourite among villagers as they do not like when players attack pandas.

Minecraft Pandas
Minecraft Pandas Personalities

Pandas have separate personalities which influence their behaviour a bit. These are:

  1. Normal Panda: These are common and do not have any personality traits. They have a frowning face.
  2. Lazy Panda: They like to sleep and lie on their backs and move very slow. They are so lazy that they might not even follow the player who is holding bamboo. These have a smiling face.
  3. Worried Panda: They are easily scared and avoid all hostile mobs and players. They are also the first o whimper during thunderstorms and do not seek out to eat bamboo or cake. Worried pandas have puppy eyes.
  4. Playful Panda: They are the only adult pandas who roll and jump around, even sometimes killing them. These have their tongues out.
  5. Aggressive Panda: These pandas are very hostile once hit and will try to kill every player or mob around them. They also get aggroed when players hit other pandas. They have angry eyebrows and a frown.
  6. Weak Panda: While in Baby form these pandas have half the health of a normal one and sneeze more commonly. They have teary eyes and snotty noses.
  7. Brown Panda: This is the rarest variant of panda and has no separate personality trait. However, their fur is brown and white instead of black and white. These also have a frowning face.


Minecraft Pandas
Panda Breeding

Pandas can be bred by having at least eight bamboo blocks around the panda. This condition is only unique to the pandas. Players can then feed them bamboo to make them breed.

Panda babies also have DNA structures and the dominant genes are normal, aggressive, lazy, worried and playful. These genes take priority while breeding. Therefore, to get Weak or Brown pandas, players need to breed to weak genes.


Minecraft Pandas
Minecraft Pandas
  • Pandas drop 0-2 Bamboos when killed.
  • They also drop 1-3 EXP orbs.
  • Baby Pandas have a slight chance of dropping a Slimeball when they sneeze.

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