Minecraft Piglin: Spawn, Location, drops and more!

The Minecraft Piglin is a resident of the Minecraft Nether dimension and players can trade with them and they are attracted towards gold! Here are all the facts for them that players need to know!

Minecraft Piglin
Minecraft Piglin: All you need to know!

Minecraft’s Nether biome is one of the most interesting dimensions and contains a lot of mobs and structures. In this one we look at the Minecraft Piglin and all its features.

The Nether is home to many dangerous as well as some strange ad useful one. Being called the Hell of Minecraft, the Nether is naturally a dangerous place to be. The Piglin race is the most prevalent mob in the the region and many variants of them can be found in here.

The Minecraft Piglin is a neutral mob that looks like a human except with a face of a pig!

Minecraft Piglin

Minecraft Piglin

The Piglins are a neutral mob that is found in the Nether and are hostile only if the players do not wear any gold!

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Natural Spawn

Minecraft Piglin
Minecraft Piglin

They spawn in groups of 2-4 in Nether waste, crimson forest biomes and bastion remnants. Over 20% of them have a chance of spawning as a baby.


Minecraft Piglin
Baby Piglin riding Hoglins

Piglins are gold hungry creatures and will snort with jealousy when they see a player with a gold item. Moreover, they will turn hostile if the player do not have a gold item on them! The following will make the piglins hostile:

  • Players not wearing one single piece of gold armor.
  • If players attack a piglin or piglin brute.
  • If players opens or breaks a chest, ender chest, shulker chest or barrel.
  • Breaking a block of Gold, Gold ore, guilded blackstone, nether gold ore, block of raw gold will send them into a aggressive state.

They pick up raw porkchops or cooked porkchops and even any gold bars or gold items that the players throw at them.

Piglins will run away from zombified piglins, zoglins, soul fire, soul torches, soul lanterns and soul campfires.

Piglins will transform into a Zombified Piglin if they stay too long in the Overworld or in The End.


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Piglins can either attack with a sword or a crossbow depending on what they are holding in their hand. They are also hostile towards wither skeletons and withers.

If their weapons break then they can even punch you with their fist! After defeating you they will even celebrate the victory with victory noises.

They are also periodic hunters, and adult piglins randomly start hunting hoglins around them. This also prompts other piglins in the area to attack the target.

Players can stop piglin attacks momentarily by giving them gold ingots. They start to examine it and become passive.


Minecraft Piglin
Piglin attracted to Gold

Players can trade with adult Minecraft Piglins with Gold Ingots. Players can drop a gold ingot near them and they will pick them up. They will look at them for a few seconds before dropping a random item.


Minecraft Piglin

Minecraft Piglins will drop these when killed:

  • Held items such as Golden Swords or crossbows
  • Gold Armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots)
  • They also drop 5 EXP orbs and baby piglins drop 1 EXP orbs.

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