Minecraft Pillager: Variants, attacks and all features!

Minecraft Pillager is a variant of the illagers and are hostile towards players and even villagers. Here are all the features for the mob and list all its attacks and drops!

Minecraft Pillager
Minecraft Pillager: All you need to know!

Minecraft has many mobs in the game but humanoid mobs are a rare variant in the game. This article discusses the Minecraft Pillager, which is one of the very few humanoid mobs that are also hostile to the players.

Minecraft has many mobs and the humanoid ones are one of the most interesting ones. These includes the villagers, witches and illagers, out of which only the villagers are the only friendly mobs.

Here are all the features for the Minecraft Pillagers.

Minecraft Pillager

Minecraft Pillager
Minecraft Pillager

Pillagers are the illagers that hold a crossbow and can be generally found on patrols and in outposts throughout the world.

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Minecraft Pillager are weakest of all the illager variants and can be found naturally spawning in three distinct places. These are:

  • Patrols: Players may come across a number of pillagers roaming about with a pillager captain holding a pillager banner. Killing a patrol captain will lead the players to have the Bad Omen status.
  • Outposts: The Pillager Outpost is a naturally generated structure that continuously spawns pillagers around it.
  • Raids: The pillagers spawn in earlier waves of the raid after which the stronger variants of illagers spawn. Pillagers may also spawn while riding a Ravager.

Attacks and Behaviour

Minecraft Pillager

Pillagers are hostile towards players, iron golems, wandering traders, villagers and even Snow Golems. They will attack players with crossbows from a distance and they never run out of arrows. However, the crossbows may run out of durability. They will also follow the player if they get aggroed.

They will attack on sight and follow their target around. During raids they will also celebrate if they kill all the villagers in the village. Pillagers without a crossbow however become passive towards the players.

Iron Golems and Snow Golems are hostile towards them and will attack them on sight.


Minecraft Pillager
Raid Pillagers

The Minecraft Pillager has a chance of dropping:

  • 8.5% chance of getting their Crossbow
  • 1 Ominous banner if players kill a Patrol Captain
  • 0-2 arrows
  • 5 EXP orbs
  • Raid Pillagers have a chance to drop Emeralds.

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