Minecraft Polar Bear: Spawn Locations, drops and more!

The Minecraft Polar Bears are the snowy variants of bears that are only aggressive to the players once they hurt them or their cubs. Here are all the features for this aggressive parent!

Minecraft Polar Bear
Minecraft Polar Bear: All you need to know!

The Minecraft mobs are varied and are found all throughout the Overworld. Players can find them even in the freezing biomes and here are all the facts for Minecraft Polar Bear!

Minecraft has many biomes that are distributed throughout the world and they come in many variety of forms. Some biomes look very inhospitable by any mobs, but even so players can definitely find some even in hell! The Polar Bear is one of the mobs that is found in freezing weathers but that doesn’t bother it the slightest bit.

Down below are all the features of the Minecraft Polar Bear.

Minecraft Polar Bear

Minecraft Polar Bear
Minecraft Polar Bear

Polar Bears are the neutral second variant of bears, apart from Pandas, that are found in the game and live in freezing cold biomes.

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They are completely white and is similar in size to adult pandas.

Spawn Locations

Minecraft Polar Bear
Snowy Biomes

Minecraft Polar Bear are generally found in snowy tundra, snowy mountains, ice spikes, regular or deep frozen ocean biomes. They spawn in groups of 0-2 out of which there is a chance for the second one to be a cub. They are exclusive to the icy biomes and thus only found in freezing weathers!

Behaviour and Attacks

Minecraft Polar Bear
Polar Bear attack

They are passive mobs which will get angry if the players approaches their cub or hits them. This send them into a hostile mode which applies to all the polar bear in the area. This aggro works the same way if players attack any adult polar bear.

They are really strong with 30 health points and an attack power of 8 hearts per attack on hard mode. Adult and polar bear cubs attack foxes in Java but cubs do not attack foxes in Bedrock edition.

Their attack involves them standing up on hind legs and mauling the player. They also have a high swimming speed and cannot be tamed or bred by the player.


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Minecraft polar bear have a chance to drop the following when killed:

  • 0-2 raw cod
  • 0-2 raw salmon
  • 1-3 EXP orbs

Polar Bear cubs do not drop anything when killed.

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