Minecraft Powder Snow: Location, uses and more!

The Minecraft Powder Snow is a unique item that can only be obtained using Buckets and can also trap players and give them freezing effects!

Minecraft Powder Snow
Minecraft Powder Snow: All you need to know! (Image via. minecraft.net)

Minecraft has a big sand-box world that the players can explore and find many different things in every step. Here we take a look at the Minecraft Powder Snow and all its features in the game.

Minecraft has a variety of biomes that the players can explore and find different features in them. Snowy Biomes are rare and can have differences like the landscape and the structures that the ice forms. Some can spawn as Ice spirals and some can spawn as normal snowy hills.

Here is one such item found in Snowy biomes, the Minecraft Powder Snow.

Minecraft Powder Snow

Minecraft Powder Snow
Minecraft Powder Snow (Image via. gamepur.com)

Powder Snow is trap-like block that can be found in Snowy areas and can apply freezing damage to players and other mobs.

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The powder snow can form in mountains and snowy slopes of mountains and high hills. Players can store Powder Snow inside a Bucket or a Cauldron which can be taken out and used. Players cannot obtain it in any other way than scooping it up with a Bucket.

Features of Powder Snow

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Powder Snow are loose and allow most of the entities that walk over them, to fall or get trapped inside it. Some of the exceptions are rabbits, endermites, silverfish, shulkers, vexes and foxes. These mobs can walk over powder snow without falling in.

Other entities get stuck or move very slow while being in Minecraft Powder Snow. Mobs can fall through it, but do not take suffocation damage. However, mobs trapped for period of time start taking freezing damage instead. Freezing deals 1 HP damage per 2 seconds to every entity. Players can wear Leather Armor to stop freezing, and this can be applied to Horses as well.

Minecraft Powder Snow
Powder Snow (Image via. attackofthefanboy.com)

Players can prevent falling through the Powder Snow by wearing Leather Boots or by avoiding them. Goats also avoid Powder snow nearby and jump over them. If players fall inside Powder Snow the screen becomes white and vision gets blurred

Powder Snow can also transform a Skeleton trapped in Snow to a Stray. Moreover, fire based mobs like Blazes, magma cubes and striders take damage from Powder snow.

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