Minecraft Sea Pickle: Location, uses and more!

The Minecraft Sea Pickle is a decorative light source block that can be grown by the players and also be used in making dyes!

Minecraft Sea Pickle
Minecraft Sea Pickle: All you need to know! (image via. Sportskeeda)

Minecraft has an abundance of mysteries inside the vast seas and oceans and players can find a lot. In this article we take a look at Minecraft Sea Pickle and all its features in the game.

The Seas Pickle can be found deep within the oceans and is a light source plant like animal. It is a item that is rare and players do not really need it mandatorily, but is a very nice decorative block for the Aquariums or under water lighting.

Here is all about the Minecraft Sea Pickle.

Minecraft Sea Pickle

Minecraft Sea Pickle
Minecraft Sea Pickle (Image via. docm77)

The Sea Pickle is a small light source block for only underwater and is a plant-like animal and grow in colonies.

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The Sea Pickles grow in colonies and the maximum cluster they form is 4 and can go from 1-4. Players can break them using their hand or any tool that they possess. Players can identify by their green color and a candle-like flame at the top underwater.


Minecraft Sea Pickle
Sea Pickle (Image via. OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials!)

Players can find Minecraft Sea Pickles generating at the bottom of warm oceans and spawn on coral reefs and blocks. They spawn in clusters of 1-4 sea pickles. They can also be found as a decorative block in desert village houses.

Wandering Traders also sell Sea Pickles for 2 Emeralds each.

Uses for Sea Pickles

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  • Sea Pickles are primarily a light source block which emits a light level of 6. However, each pickle in the cluster generates more light level, and a cluster of 4 generate a light level of 15.
  • Players need to be aware that the Sea Pickles generate light only when placed underwater, and they do not emit any light while over water.
  • Minecraft Sea Pickles can also be smelted in a Furnace to make Green Dyes.
  • It can be used in a Compost to raise the compost level by one.
  • Players can also add Bone Meal to a Sea pickle to make it grow into a bigger cluster.

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