Minecraft Shulker: Locations, Attacks and drops!

Minecraft Shulkers are one of the rarest mobs to find because of their location and they are also one of the most dangerous with their Levitation effect!

Minecraft Shulker
Minecraft Shulker: All you need to know!

Minecraft’s End Dimension is one of the most mysterious dimensions in the game. One of the residents of this dimension is the Minecraft Shulker and we learn all its features of this mob.

Minecraft End Dimension has many new mobs that are only found in that dimension. The Shulker is only found in End Cities which is the outer islands from the main island that the players land on. End Cities are a treasure trove for the players and players can even find the much sought after, Elytra!

Down below we take a look at the Minecraft Shulker.

Minecraft Shulker

Minecraft Shulker
Minecraft Shulker

Shulkers are box-shaped hostile mobs that are only found in end cities and can afflict the players with the Levitation effect.

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They are camouflaged among the purpur blocks in the End City buildings and they are the guardians of the cities. Players can also dye their armor with colors just like a sheep.


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End City

They are found in the inner walls of the End Cities and are camouflaged amon the purpur blocks. They spawn during generation of End Cities. Players can only enter the End Dimension after defeating the Ender Dragon.

They can even spawn when hit by another Shulker, but this has a very small chance.


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The Shulker is a complex mob which is basically a small yellow head inside a rapidly closing and opening armor. They are stationary mob which remain attached to a block for a majority of the time. However, if the block that they are attached to is replaced, then they can teleport somewhere else nearby. They will no teleport near another Shulker.

The Shulker shoots projectiles when any target comes within 16 blocks and these are tracking. This means players cannot escape it by dodging. However, players can stop them with a shield or by destroying them mid-air.

The Shulker opens it armor when attacking and closes it soon after. While closed they have 20 armor points and also deflect arrows. However, when they are open they take normal damage.


Minecraft Shulker
Minecraft Shulker

The Shulker shoots the projectile that cannot be dodged. This does 4 health points of damage and afflicts the Levitation status to the player for 10 seconds. Being hit by it, players will start to float upwards for 10 seconds.


Minecraft Shulker

When they are killed Minecraft Shulkers drop:

  • 0-1 shulker Shells (Bedrock)
  • 50% chance to drop shulker shells (Java Edition)
  • They drop 5 EXP orbs when killed.

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