Minecraft Silverfish: Location, Attacks, Drops and more!

Minecraft Silverfish are very small mobs that are hostile towards the players can stay in infested blocks. Here are all the facts about the mob!

Minecraft Silverfish
Minecraft Silverfish: All you need to know
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Minecraft mobs are a staple for the game as they are the additions that add character along with the biomes. In this article we take a look at the Minecraft Silverfish and all their features.

Minecraft mobs are varied and players may encounter different ones in different biomes. They are also differentiated on their behaviour as some may hurt the player and some may come useful in many situations. The Silverfish is hostile and will definitely try to kill you!

Here are all the features of Minecraft Silverfish.

Minecraft Silverfish

Minecraft Silverfish
Minecraft Silverfish

Minecraft Silverfish are very small hostile mobs that only spawn from stone-like blocks. They are one of the smallest mobs in the game but that doesn’t mean that they are not be looked out for!

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They have 8 health points and deal about 1.5 damage per attack. They have an appearance of a small worm like creature with silver spikes and a silver body.


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Silverfish are naturally found in infested stone blocks that are found in Strongholds, underground Mountain biomes, igloo basements and woodland mansions.

They will spawn once the player breaks the blocks that they are in. Some spawners for Silverfish also spawn in End Portal rooms in Strongholds.


Minecraft Silverfish
Minecraft Silverfish

Silverfish are hostile towards players, iron golems and snow golems. They are very hard to get away from as they home on towards the player and also move through blocks.

They also call all the other Silverfish in range when they are hit. To prevent this from happening, players need to kill them in one-shot. Players can deal with them by enchanting their weapon with Bane of Arthropods.


Silverfish are not useful to the player at all and only drop 5 EXP orbs and nothing else.

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