Minecraft Skeleton Horse: Spawns, Behaviour and more!

The Minecraft Skeleton Horse is a undead mob that is very rare and spawns when lightning strikes a horse. Here are all its features!

Minecraft Skeleton Horse
Minecraft Skeleton Horse: All you need to know!

Minecraft has many unconventional mobs that are unique to the game and can be found naturally and summoned. In this article we take a look at the Minecraft Skeleton Horse and all its features in the game.

Minecraft has a wide variety of undead mobs that includes commonly found ones like zombies and skeletons, uncommon ones like wither skeletons and rare ones like skeleton horses and withers.

Down below are all the features for the Minecraft Skeleton Horse.

Minecraft Skeleton Horse

Minecraft Skeleton Horse
Minecraft Skeleton Horse

These are the undead variant of a normal horse and is very rare as it only spawns when horses are struck by lightning.

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Skeleton horse can only spawn from “skeleton traps”. These are horse spawned from a lightning strike that strikes a horse during a thunderstorm. Players who go near a skeleton trap horses, will be greeted by another lightning strike on the horse and this transforms it into a Skeleton Horseman.

This also spawns three other skeleton horsemen in the same area. The Skeletons spawn with a enchanted iron helmet, enchanted bow. Killing this skeleton gives more EXP!

Behaviour and Uses

Minecraft Skeleton Horse
Minecraft Skeleton Horse

They are passive mobs and can be tamed by the player.

The Skeleton Horse is one of the fastest ways of transportation in the game like the powered rails Minecraft. They can leap over 5 blocks and are one of the fastest mobs in the game.

One unique feature of this mob is that The skeleton horse drowns in water and thus players can ride the mob on the ocean bed!

They can be ridden by putting a saddle on its back and can also be took around using a Lead. The saddle is not needed in the Bedrock edition.


Minecraft Skeleton Horse
Minecraft Skeleton Horse

When killed, a Skeleton Horse will drop:

  • 0-2 Bones
  • 1-3 EXP Orbs

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