Minecraft Slime: How to find, drops, attacks and more!

Minecraft Slime is a rather hard to find mob that the players can harvest to get some slimeballs that is useful in making leads . Here are all the fact about the bouncy mob in the game!

Minecraft Slime
Minecraft Slime: All you need to know!

Minecraft has a ton of hostile mobs that will try to hurt the players every now and then and players encounter many during their journey. This article discusses Minecraft Slime and all its features.

Minecraft mobs are quite varied and slimes are one of the rarest mobs in the game. Players often cannot find them because of the limited number of chunks that they can spawn in. They are bouncy creatures that give one useful item that the players can use to create other items in the game.

Down below are all the features of Minecraft Slime.

Minecraft Slime

Minecraft Slime
Minecraft Slime

Slimes are green cube-shaped hostile mobs that bounce around and are found mainly in swamp biomes and slime chunks.

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Minecraft Slime
Slime in a Swamp

Slimes are only spawned in the Overworld and in certain chunks called the slime chunks. They can also spawn in swamp biomes, more commonly on the day of a full moon. However, they do not spawn in any variants of the swamp.

The Slime Chunks are generated randomly and every block has a chance of being a Slime chunk.

Attacks and Behaviour

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Slimes are sow creatures which move around by jumping. They can also swim or climb ladders in the game. The Slime is hostile towards players, Iron Golems and Snow Golems and follow them around until in range to attack.

The Slimes damage and health depends upon its size. As the players kills the slime, the slime divides and become smaller and also multiplies. Its damage and size go down and at the smallest level the slimes cannot hurt the player.

The slimes have only one melee attack that deals 4 hearts when it is big, 2 hearts when it is medium and 0 hearts when it is small. However, slimes have double the attack speed of other melee mobs.


Minecraft Slime
Minecraft Slime
  • The slimes drop only one items and that is the Slimeballs. They are used in making Leads and Sticky Pistons.
  • They also drop 1-4 EXP orbs.

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