Minecraft Snapshot 21w42a (Java update): A Musical update!

The Minecraft Snapshot 21w42a is a great one as it features music and even some bug fixes for the players to test out!

Minecraft Snapshot 21w42a
Minecraft Snapshot 21w42a

Minecraft is releasing new updates one after another and the new Minecraft Snapshot 21w42a features a musical twist to the game. It features some new tracks that the players can play on the Jukebox and is a feature by Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka.

Snapshots are a feature that the developers release and players can test out some features that will be released later. The new snapshot is for the Caves and Cliffs Part II and is called 21w42a. It features many additional bug fixes, performance improvements and other additional smaller tweaks. But the main notable feature for this snapshot is of course the Music!

New Minecraft snapshot 21w42a features new tunes!

Minecraft Snapshot 21w42a
Minecraft Snapshot 21w42a Lush Caves

The first and foremost addition to the game has been the music by Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka which can be played on the Jukebox item in Minecraft.

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The Music features in new snapshot is called ‘Otherside’ music disc and are a very rare find. They can be found in Stronghold corridor chests and even rarer in Dungeon Chests. Players can find them in Overworld and to the main menu when in Survival mode.

Players can also find them in Spotify and later in Apple Music or YouTube.

Other than this the following changes have been made to the game.

World generation

  • Lava springs can generate in mountains and snowy terrains
  • Water springs don’t generate higher than y 192, and are slightly less common
  • Badlands gold generates higher up in the blocks

Bug Fixes

YouTube: wattles
  • Player no longer spawned at highest level at world spawn
  • Spawning inside icebergs is now fixed
  • Player does not spawn on the surface of the world when min_y is greater than 0
  • Parity issue: Light blocks do not display their light level when shown via a held light block item
  • The player can occasionally spawn underground when loading into a new world
  • Beaches generate between desert and ocean
  • Values of ‘Infinity’ in noise settings in default world generation.

Players can read the full notes here and to get the Snapshot in Java Edition, go to the Minecraft Launcher and enable the Installation for Snapshots. But it is a good idea to backup your world before doing this, to prevent loss of data.

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