Minecraft Snowballs: How to get, combat uses and more!

The Minecraft Snowballs are a ranged combat item that can be used to kill Blazes. Here is how to make them and use them!

Minecraft Snowballs
Minecraft Snowballs: All you need to know!

Minecraft has many items that the players can get while exploring the vast world. One of the very lesser known combat items is the Minecraft Snowballs and how to get them!

The items in Minecraft have all got their own separate uses and often some hidden features. The combat in Minecraft is a very essential thing as monsters roam around the world and often players need to defeat them. There are many melee, ranged and magic items that can be used in combat but one of the most deceiving one are snowballs.

Down below we take a look at the Minecraft Snowballs and all its features.

Minecraft Snowballs

Minecraft Snowballs
Minecraft Snowballs

Minecraft Snowballs are easily obtainable in the snowy biomes and is primarily used as a throwable/ranged combat item. However, they only work on a few mobs, so players need to know which ones.

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How to get Snowballs?

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Players can obtain a Snowball quite easily and through many means listed down below:

  1. Using a Shovel on any snow block, will give the players 1-8 snowballs. However, if the Shovel has the Silk Touch Enchantment, the snowballs will not drop.
  2. If a Creeper or TNT explodes near a Snow block, it will drop Snowballs.
  3. Ravagers often destroy snow layers they walk on, generating snowballs. (Bedrock edition only)
  4. Water also destroys Snow layers that it flows on, and it drops snowballs.
  5. Players can also destroy Snow Golems to get Snowballs.

They naturally spawn inside some Chests in Snowy Villages.

Uses for the Snowball

Minecraft Snowballs
Minecraft Snowballs

Snowballs can only be used for two purposes in the game:

4 Snowballs can be used to craft a Snow Block.

Snowballs can be thrown by holding them in the hand and clicking in the direction. They travel through the air on a downward path. However, they do not deal damage to most of the mobs in the game.

The only mobs that they deal damage to, are the Blazes. They deal 3 health point damage to them but not to any other mobs. However, it is important to note that the snowballs still give off the damage effect to mobs even though they deal no damage. This means that even though thy deal no damage, the hostile mobs will still attack the players.

Fun Fact: Players can destroy End Crystal in the Ender Dragon fight using Snowballs.

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