Minecraft Squid: Locations, Uses, drops and more!

The Minecraft Squid is a very commonly found aquatic mob that the players need to kill to obtain ink sacs. Here are all the features for the mob!

Minecraft Squid
Minecraft Squid: All you need to know!

Minecraft is a massively popular sand-box adventure game where players are free to roam around the vast world and do anything they want. In this article we discuss the Minecraft Squid and all its features, uses and more in the game.

Minecraft mobs are a part and parcel of the uniqueness of the game and players will meet many of them at each step in the world. They exists in other dimensions as well as above land, underwater and in the air. We discuss the most harmless creature in Minecraft possibly.

Down below are all the features of the Minecraft Squid.

Minecraft Squid

Minecraft Squid
Minecraft Squid

Squids in Minecraft are very common mobs that are found mainly in all the aquatic bodies of the Overworld, except ponds and lakes. They are dark blue and grey in colour and have small eye like designs on their bodies. They also have a wide gaping mouth at the bottom.

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Minecraft Squid
Minecraft Squid

They spawn in groups o 2-4 in waters of rivers and ocean biomes. There are no conditions for their spawn and can be commonly found everywhere.


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The Squid is a passive aquatic mob, which means that it will not retaliate even when it is being attacked. Like all passive mobs, they try to swim away when attacked by the players. It swims with its tentacles and move along very slowly.

They will also try to block the player’s vision with black squid ink when attacked and flee. Squids are also attacked by Guardians, Elder Guardians and Axolotls.

They are also affected by the Impaling Enchantment.


Minecraft Squid

Squids drops these materials when killed:

  • 1-3 Ink Sacs
  • 1-3 EXP orbs

Squid Ink is used to create black dyes, dark prismarine and book and quill.

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