Minecraft Sweet Berries: Spawn, uses and more!

Minecraft Sweet Berries are a naturally occurring food source that are only found in some biomes and have a variety of uses!

Minecraft Sweet Berries
Minecraft Sweet Berries: All you need to know!

Minecraft’s world is full of abundant flora and fauna and players can find them in every corner and every dimension. Here we take a look at the Minecraft Sweet Berries and their uses.

Minecraft has a wide range of vegetation ranging from big trees with huge trunks to small fungus and mushrooms. Among them berries are a uncommon food item that can be only found from certain small shrubs and bushes. These are only found in select biomes and have their own distinct uses.

Down below we take a look at the Minecraft Sweet Berries.

Minecraft Sweet Berries

Minecraft Sweet Berries
Minecraft Sweet Berries

Sweet Berries are a food item that can be collected from sweet berry bushes found in forest woody biomes. The berry bushes are thorny and can even hurt the players!

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Minecraft Sweet Berries
Minecraft Sweet Berries

Berry Bushes generate in all taiga biomes namely the Taiga, Taiga Hills, Taiga Mountains, Snowy Taiga, Snowy Taiga hills and Snowy Taiga Mountains. They can also be found in giant tree taiga biomes and mountain meadows.

Players can see berries growing on these bushes and collect them with their hands by clicking on them. Berries are also found in some Village chests.


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The Berry Bush has 4 stages of growth until it reaches prime maturity:

  • First is a short green bush with no berries.
  • After this the Bush appears large but grown no berries.
  • The stage after this, a few red berries start to appear on the bush. This stage will provide 1-2 sweet berries.
  • The last stage, is a bush filled with red berries and players can harvest them in this stage to get 2-3 sweet berries.

Uses for Sweet Berries

Minecraft Sweet Berries
Foxes tamed by Sweet Berries


Players can obtain Sweet Berries and put them on a grass block, dirt, podzol, coarse dirt or farmlands to create a small berry bush which will grow eventually.

Players can use Bone Meal to accelerate its growth!


Players can eat Sweet Berries to restore 2 hunger points and get 1.2 hunger saturation.


Players can use Minecraft Sweet Berries to breed Foxes.


Bees can pollinate using the Sweet Berries and then go to the Beehives and make honey.


Sweet Berry Bushes have thorns that hurt the player or any other mob moving through it. It also reduces their movement speed. Therefore, players can keep one between themselves and the enemy to deal some damage.


Using Berries in a Composter has a chance of raising the level of compost by 1.

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