Minecraft The Wild Update: List of all New Blocks!

Minecraft The Wild Update will revamp the swamps, forests and introduce the Deep Dark with Ancient Cities and some new blocks.

Minecraft The Wild Update
Minecraft The Wild Update Mangroves

Minecraft The Wild Update is the next big project that will soon arrive sometime next year and has added many features. This is a complete list of all the new blocks that have been revealed as of yet for the Wild Update.

Minecraft has revealed many important aspects for the game in the Minecraft Live 2021. The Live featured the upcoming Caves and Cliffs Part II update and also the next ventures that the developers will explore. The Wild Update is the next big update that the game will receive, and it introduces new biomes, flora, mobs and even some new blocks!

List of all block in Minecraft The Wild Update

Minecraft The Wild Update
Minecraft The Wild Update

Mangrove Leaves

Minecraft The Wild Update has been introducing many new features and one of them is the Mangrove Trees. The Leaves are the a block that the players can obtain by digging the leaves with a silk touch enchanted item.

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Mangrove Logs

Mangrove Trees will have a medium-tall Mangrove logs supporting the body of the tree. These can be found in Swamps and in Mangrove farms.

Mangrove Planks

Mangrove Planks are the processed form of the Mangrove Logs and can be used to make structures or other blocks like fences and trapdoors. However, they have not been confirmed as of yet.

Mangrove Propagule (Sapling)

The Mangrove Propagule is the first sapling that can be planted both on land and underwater to make it grow. This will lead to a fully grown Mangrove tree and can be further accelerated with Bone Meal.

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Mangrove Roots

The Mangrove Trees are supported by a very thick cluster of roots underneath the base of the tree. There will be two separate forms of root, for underwater and over-ground.


This is the latest dirt-like block to be announced in Minecraft The Wild Update and can be used in a variety of manners. Players can empty a water bottle on a Dirt block in order to transform it into a Mud block. Moreover, players can also drain out all the water in the Mud block with a Dripstone to make Clay!

Mud Bricks

Mud Bricks are the building material that can be crafted using Mud blocks. They need to mixed with Sand and Wheat but the exact recipe to make them has not been revealed.


Sculk blocks are the feature of the Deep Dark, that has been pushed back to the Wild Update, instead of the Caves and Cliffs update. This will features the Sculk infestation spreading over the Ancient Cities of the deep dark. This will be made when a mob which drops EXP dies near a Sculk Catalyst, making blocks near it into Sculk blocks.

This can be broken to get EXP.

Minecraft The Wild Update
Minecraft The Wild Update Ancient Cities

Sculk Catalyst

The Sculk Catalyst was showcased in the Minecraft Live 2021 and is responsible for consuming any EXP from mobs that die near it, and spreading Sculk on to nearby blocks.

Sculk Shriekers

The Sculk Shriekers will emit a loud sound when any Sculk Sensor near them is triggered. This can summon the Warden if triggered too many times.

Sculk Sensor

The Sculk Sensor is a block that is triggered by sounds and vibrations near it and glow with a Blue animation. This can capture the movements of the players and let the Warden know their location.

Frame Block

The Ancient Cities are one of the main highlights of the new Deep Dark and will present the players with new stone blocks that will comprise their structures. Currently, they are known as the Frame block, but the official name has not been revealed yet.

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