Minecraft Tropical Fish: Spawns, Uses and more!

Everything you need to know about Tropical fishes in Minecraft

Minecraft Tropical Fish: Spawns, Uses and more!

Minecraft is a game that is still going strong after being released well over a decade ago. The survival game is truly generational and one of its kind. Gamers can spend hundreds of hours exploring the world and finding new resources.


The world of Minecraft is full of different biomes and regions. AItis also full of various mobs trangingfrom passive to hostile. Tropical fish is one such mob that is passive in nature and can be encountered in the world of Minecraft. Here’s everythingHere’seed to know about them:

Where to find Tropical Fish in Minecraft?

Tropical fish are passive mobs, they can be found usually very commonly in water bodies. Water bodies such as oceans, swamps, and lush caves. Moreover, these mobs are very calm in nature and are found pretty easily, even early in Minecraft. There are over 2700 different variants of these creatures.

Tropical fish Minecraft
Tropical fish Minecraft ( Image via Mojang Studios)

Moreover, these creatures can be found mainly in random varieties of tropical fishes that will spawn in lukewarm or warm oceans (as well as their deep variants) at Y-level 50 and 60 in groups of 8. In lush caves, they can spawn at any Y level.


How do Tropical Fish behave in Minecraft?

These creatures are pretty friendly and are found usually in a maximum group of nine. Tropical fish can be collected and obtained easily with an empty bucket, this bucket will then become a tropical fish bucket.

These creatures have a major weakness when they are outside water, and like many underwater mobs can be defeated very easily with the Impaling enchantment. Moreover, these creatures can be pacified very easily by just strategically getting them outside water.

There are over 2700 tropical fish that players can find in Minecraft. All of these varieties have different colors and looks and are detailed very well. Additionally, tropical fish are very unique, and these passive mobs are very cool-looking.

What do Tropical Fish Drop?

Tropical Fish are very common creatures in the world created by Mojang Studios. But, they drop some very interesting and useful drops that can help gamers use during their playthrough of Minecraft. So here’s what Tropihere’ssh drop once defeated, and killed in Minecraft:

  • 1 tropical fish
  • 1-2 bones (25% chance
  • )1-3 experience orbs when killed by a tamed wolf or player
  • 1 bone meal (5% chance)

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