What are Minecraft Villages: Spawn, features and more!

Minecraft Villages are naturally generated structures with the chance to contain some nice inhabitants and loots that the players can find beneficial!

Minecraft Villages
Minecraft Villages: All you need to know!
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Minecraft is a open-world survival sand-box game with many features and structures in it. In this article we take a look at all the features of Minecraft Villages.

Minecraft has many resources and structures that are naturally generated in a world. These are dependant upon the seed and at the start of world generation. There are many naturally generated structures that the players may explore and the Villages are one of them.

Down below we take a look at all the features of Minecraft Villages.

Minecraft Villages

Minecraft Villages
Minecraft Villages

Minecraft Villages are naturally generated structures which comprises of a group of buildings and houses with some common inhabitants.

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Spawn Locations

Minecraft Villages
Minecraft Villages

Villages can spawn naturally in these biomes:

  • Plains
  • Savanna
  • Taiga
  • Snowy
  • Tundra
  • Desert
  • Snowy Taiga
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Taiga Hills
  • Snowy Taiga Hills

The location of the villages determine the style of their structures and houses. Therefore, houses in the village have different styles.

The Number of Villagers spawned in a village depends upon the number of beds in the village. The villages may also have a chance of containing an of these special job sites.

Who stays in Villages in Minecraft?

Minecraft Villages
Minecraft Villages

Minecraft villages are often populated with a ton of inhabitants and also some wild mobs. These are:

These mobs are mainly beneficial to players and players can trade with villagers and tame the animals.

However, a village also has a chance of being Abandoned, upon which the village may contain zombies, skeletons, zombie villagers and spiders. The light sources are non existent and the structures might contain mossy cobblestone.

Structures and Loot in Villages

Minecraft Villages
Minecraft Villages

The Village contains a series of houses and randomly generated job-site structures. The villages may also contain roads interconnecting to the structures.

There will be lampposts lining the roads which are the light sources for the villages. They might also have farms of wheat, beet, carrot, potato or watermelons and even stables with horses and cows.

Players may find chests and several tools inside the houses of villages. These have a chance to contain very good to moderate loot.

Special Events

Minecraft Villages
Minecraft Villages


Raids are group attack by pillagers, vindicators, evokers and ravagers if a player with ‘Bad Omen’ Status, enters the village.

The world will spawn 5-7 waves of attacks that will try to harm the players and villagers. If the players repel the whole wave then they receive the “Hero of the Village” Status that rewards them with free stuff from villagers!

Zombie Hordes

Each night has a chance of spawning a sudden attack by a Zombie horde. However, this is very rare and can happen in every village.

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