Minecraft Wandering Trader: Trades, Spawns and more!

The Minecraft Wandering Trader is a unique mob that can spawn randomly and offer the players with some good trades. Here are all the features for them!

Minecraft Wandering Trader
Minecraft Wandering Trader: All you need to know!
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Minecraft has many naturally spawning structures as well as mobs that spawns once the world is generated. Among them, one of the randomly appearing ones is the Minecraft Wandering Trader and we learn all its features!

The Wandering Trader looks like a Villager but has its own unique set of clothes that its unique to it. They may spawn randomly around the player and offer nice trades that offers a plethora of unique items.

Here are all the facts about the Minecraft Wandering Trader.

Minecraft Wandering Trader

Minecraft Wandering Trader
Minecraft Wandering Trader

This is a unique mob that can spawn randomly around the player and is able to trade with the players and sells some interesting items. They are passive mobs and carry around two llamas.

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They can naturally spawn around the world near the player along side two leashed trader llamas. They can also spawn near a claimed bell in a village.

The Wandering Trader offers the player with 6 random items to trade. The trader has a limited life span and despawns after a while. They can also be found with a Caravan of many Llamas.

The Traders drink a Potion of Invisibility during dusk to stay protected and also drinks milk after morning hits. They will avoid any zombies, illagers and other hostile mobs.


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Players can click on the Minecraft Wandering Trader to open the Trade option. At one time the trader only has 6 items in total.

All the trades require the players to spend Emeralds. A Emerald may also appear on the head of the Wandering Trader when trading.

A few of the items that the Wandering Traders sell are plants, dyes, buckets of fish, coral, blue ice or even nautilus shells. Buying items of the same type till prompt the trader to lock the trader.

Players cannot sell items to wandering traders and they also do not give any discounts.


Minecraft Wandering Trader

Wandering Traders will drop these items when killed:

  • Milk bucket is only drop if they are killed while holding it.
  • A potion of invisibility if killed while using or holding it.
  • They will also drop leads of the llamas it is holding.

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