Minecraft Warden: Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part 2 new mob

Minecraft Warden: Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part 2 new mob

Minecraft Warden: All you need to know

The Creatures in Minecraft are very mystical, hiding in the shadows and some even in plain sight. However, the most mystical one is the Minecraft Warden that will soon be added to the game in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update.

The mobs in Minecraft all serve special purposes and are unique. There are many mobs populating the Minecraft Overworld and while some are friendly and tameable, Some try to hurt the players and are enemies. Many new mobs have been introduced in the recent update, friends and foes alike!


Down below are all the details that are currently known about the Minecraft Warden.

Minecraft Warden: All features

Minecraft Warden
Minecraft Warden

Many mobs in Minecraft are stronger and more dangerous than the average mob and the Warden is one of those few!

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The Minecraft Warden is one of the most anticipated mobs in the game right after Axolotls and Goats. The latter two were introduced to the game in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update but the Warden has been saved for a later update.

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The Warden will be included as a new mob in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update part II when it releases later this year. The developers have confirmed the addition of this mob and even released a short trailer at the Minecraft Live 2020.

Spawn and Location

The Warden will spawn deep underground in the deepest of the caves. The newly implemented Deep Dark caves are the deepest caves just above the bedrocks.


The area will be very dark and will be house of the Warden.


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  • The Warden is a hostile mob and will attack players ferociously.
  • Th Warden is the first blind mob to be introduced in the game and will locate players and other mobs by sounds and vibrations.
  • Players can distract it by using projectiles like snowballs and arrows.
  • Players use Sneak to avoid being detected by the Warden.
  • However, if the player try to attack it, it will lock onto them at start charging at them at incredible speeds.
  • They also attack any mob around them.


Minecraft Warden
Minecraft Warden

The Minecraft Warden will drop nothing of significant importance as the developers have stated that the mob isn’t to be fought. The developers have said that the Warden is supposed to be avoided and more of a “natural calamity” than a boss to defeat.

Moreover, this mob has a very high attack damage and can two-shot a player wearing a full Netherite armor.



Minecraft Warden
Minecraft Warden
  • The Warden has 84 Hearts health and its attack strength is 31.
  • Minecraft Warden has a beating heart which gets faster the more its attacked, and it deals more damage.
  • All light sources around flicker when the Warden is nearby.

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