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Minecraft Wild Update: Deep Dark, Biome changes & mobs added!

The Minecraft Wild Update is set to beautify forest, illuminate swamps and scare the players with the Deep Dark!

Minecraft Wild Update Concept Art (Image via. Minecraft)

Minecraft Live 2021 concluded its showings on 16th October 2021 and it successfully announced some exciting news about the future of the game. Here is a complete summary of the Minecraft Wild Update, which will be coming sometime next year!

Minecraft is an open-world sand box game where the players can explore the world, fight monsters, go on adventures and even build structures and items. However, the game also heavily relies on its biomes and naturally generated structures to keep the experience fresh for the players. The new upcoming update aims at introducing the Deep Dark and also some small and big changes to the Overworld biome generation, especially forests and swamps.

Minecraft Wild Update

Minecraft Wild Update

The Minecraft Wild update aims at beautifying and introducing some new changes to the jungles, swamps and natural atmosphere of the biomes that are currently in the game.

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The Deep Dark which was supposed to be introduced in the Caves and Cliffs update Part II, has now been moved to the Wild Update, with many new added features to look forward to. Moreover, there are some new blocks, trees and even mobs that the players will chance upon in this new update!

The Deep Dark

The Deep Dark Ancient Cities

Th Deep Dark was originally supposed to be a part of the Caves and Cliffs update Part II but has since been revamped and moved to the Wild update.

It will now feature not just a series of caves, but whole Ancient cities which are naturally generated with unique structures and a unpleasant atmosphere of darkness, all underground!

The Ancient cities will have stone structures along with a unique new structure in the middle of it. It will also possesses Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Shriekers.

Ancient Cities
  • Sculk Catalysts will spread Sculk to blocks where mobs die according to the amount of EXP they drop.
  • Sculk Shriekers on the other hand, are sound generating blocks that will work together with sculk sensors. When the player make too much noise, it will emit a sound wave which applies the darkness effect in an area and can also summon the Warden when activated too many times!

The last addition to the Deep dark will be the Warden. The Warden now has a sense of smell when close to the player, and will rely on this to find you along with vibrations. They also spawn from underground now.

The Overworld Minecraft Wild Update

YouTube: Minecraft

This one if the main overhaul of the jungle and swamp biomes in the Overworld. The Jungles biomes, for example the Birch forest which was showcased as a example in the Minecraft Live 2021. Players can expect some of the similar smaller changes to the jungle and forests in the Minecraft Wild Update.

However the main focus will be the big changes and new additions to the Swamp Biome in the game.

Swamp Biome: New features, mobs and blocks

Boats with Chest

Boats with Chest: This is a new recipe that will be added to the game which will allow players to have a storage option on their boats!

Mangrove Trees

Mangrove saplings and Trees: These are a new Tree type that will be exclusive to the Swamp biomes and also drop saplings which can be planted on land as well as underwater!

Mangrove Wood

Mangrove Wood: This will be the new wood axed from Mangrove trees and give the players a better choice to build.

Mangrove Swamps concept art

Mangrove Swamps: Some Swamp biomes will only spawn with Mangrove trees and will be called Mangrove Swamp biome.

Mud Blocks: One of the new blocks that will be added in the game. Mud Blocks can be naturally found in Mangrove Swamp biomes and Dirt blocks can also be transformed into Mud by pouring water on it with a Water Bottle. Mud Blocks can be also turned into Clay by placing a Dripstone below it.

Mud Bricks: Mud Blocks can be processed further into Mud Bricks which will give players more creative freedom to build structures.


Frogs: The newest Mob that will arrive in the game along with the Allay! Frogs are found in many of the biomes and have two growth stages like most mobs. However, their baby form will be tadpoles which will be aquatic, until they grow up and be able to climb on land. They also have different forms based on the biomes they grow up in.

Fireflies: These are small insects that glow in the dark and serves as food for the Frogs!

The Minecraft Wild Update will arrive sometime next year but the exact dates have not been revealed as of yet.

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