Minecraft Zombified Piglin: Location, features and drops!

The Minecraft Zombified Piglin is one of the most dangerous mobs because of their horde attacks and high damage. Here are all the features for this undead mob!

Minecraft Zombified Piglin
Minecraft Zombified Piglin: All you need to know!

Minecraft’s Nether Dimension is the first dimension other than the Overworld, that the players need to visit. Here players will find the Minecraft Zombified Piglin in abundance and possibly be wary of them.

These mobs are the original residents of the Nether realm along with Ghasts that shoot fire balls. They are marked by their golden sword and half zombie-half piglin face. They are not that harmful and players can stay around them unless they hit them.

Here are all the features for the Minecraft Zombified Piglin!

Minecraft Zombified Piglin

Minecraft Zombified Piglin
Minecraft Zombified Piglin

Zombified Piglins are undead variants of piglins and piglin brutes and are very common in the Nether realm. It is neutral towards the player until the player hits another zombified piglin around it, which aggroes all of them in the area.

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Minecraft Zombified Piglin
Piglins and Zombified piglins

They will spawn in the Nether in groups of 4.

They can spawn in the nether wastes or the crimson forests in the Nether realm. Pigs struck by lightning also turn into a Zombified piglin. Piglins and Piglin brutes who stay in the Overworld for too long also turn into Zombified Piglins.

They spawn with a Golden Sword which can also be enchanted scaling with difficulty level. On Halloween Zombified Piglins have a chance to spawn with a Carved Pumpkin on their face.

Behaviour and Attacks

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They are immune to fire and lava and walk around the Nether aimlessly. They are only hostile towards the players who attack them, and may even pick up any armor or weapon dropped.

They are hostile towards Turtle eggs and will jump on them to destroy them. Unlike, their Piglin counterparts they do not lust over gold.

Since, they are classified as undead mobs they can be damage by Instant health effects, regeneration potions and Smite Enchantment.

The Zombified piglin will become aggressive if the players attack it and will follow them around for almost 20 minutes! The horde response also makes them a dangerous foe to deal with and players need to careful not to hit them.


Minecraft Zombified Piglin
Minecraft Zombified Piglin

Upon death they drop the following items:

  • 0-1 rotten flesh
  • 0-1 gold nuggets
  • Gold ingots
  • Weapon they are holding
  • 5 EXP orbs for adults and 12 EXP orbs for babies

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