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“Think the fans had a good time” – Albert Pujols makes pitching debut in Cardinals’ Blowout Win over Giants

Albert Pujols has homered off 442 pitchers in a career that has spanned the 2000s, '10s and the '20s.

Albert Pujols

St Louis Cardinals veteran first baseman and designated hitter Albert Pujols has done pretty much everything in his Major League Baseball (MLB) career, except for pitching. However, Pujols ticked this box as well on Sunday night when he took the mound in the ninth inning with the Cardinals leading 15-6 against the San Francisco Giants.

After this special moment at Busch Stadium, the San Domingo baseball player became only the second player after Babe Ruth to have hit 600+ home runs and pitched in the Majors. Joking about his pitching performance against the Giants, Pujols jokingly said: “I’m pretty sure Babe Ruth didn’t give up four runs in his first inning as I did.”

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They were looking and I was like, ‘Hey I’ll do it why not.’ It was a dream come true. Now I can say that I did it. And it was fun. It wasn’t fun giving up two bombs, but I think the fans had a good time and I’m sure the guys that took me deep did, too,” Pujols said after the game, as quoted by MLB.com.

“Am sure Albert is never going to forget that”

Albert Pujols

San Francisco’s manager Gabe Kapler loved this entire episode just like everyone else on the mound. He mentioned that the 42-year-old will never forget this moment in his life and called his hitters “lucky” that they faced the legendary Pujols.

I thought it was just great theatre,” Kapler said. “Obviously, their fans loved it, and I’m sure their dugout was hanging on every pitch. We all had a lot of fun with it. It was the right time to kind of let go of the negative outcomes of the game and get involved in the fun of it. … You get to create a memory for people and I’m sure Albert is never going to forget that. Our hitters are never going to forget it. They got to face Albert Pujols on the mound.”

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