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“Team he poured 15 years into”: Dave Roberts safeguarding Freddie Freeman from ill-mannered criticism after emotional weekend

Several players went to Dave Roberts and voiced concerns they feel like Freddie Freeman isn’t "all in" with Dodger culture.

Dave Roberts on Freddie Freeman

Dave Roberts certainly feels that Freddie Freeman has seen enough of the criticism following his emotional weekend at Truist Park, Atlanta Braves stadium. He defended his team player as Los Angeles fans were left frustrated after Freddie poured emotions when he received utmost respect from Braves fans.


The Freddie Freeman visit to Atlanta will definitely be amongst the controversial affairs around baseball for a while, probably till the All-Star weekend kicks in. The emotion could be seen to continue when the Dodgers and Braves inevitably meet up in the postseason again this year.

All-Star 2022 might take away the attention from Freddie Freeman but when the inevitable game between Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves happens, the headlines will appear yet again. How can it not? With the controversies revolving around Freeman’s agent Casey Chase, Atlanta Braves offer hidden from the knowledge of Freeman, trade to Dodgers, impact on gameplay after knowing the deceitfulness by the agent. But stepped-up Dave Roberts, manager of Los Angeles Dodgers.


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Dave Roberts reflects upon his understanding of Freddie Freeman situation

Dave Roberts on Freddie Freeman

Los Angeles Dodgers fans were highly displeased with what happened over the weekend, a comment put up by Clayton Kershaw about the situation only added utter resentment for Dodgers fans.

Kershaw said, “It was very cool (to see Freeman’s reception Friday night), he’s obviously been a big contributor to our team. And I hope we’re not second fiddle. It’s a pretty special team over here, too. I think whenever he gets comfortable over here, he’ll really enjoy it. It was a good night for him (Friday).”

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Dave Roberts in an interview with The Athletic‘s Fabian Ardaya, shared his thoughts about Freddie, “If anyone has a problem with it, that’s on them. It shouldn’t be a problem. This guy has helped us win a [expletive] ton of games this year and will continue to do so. And for him to have his moment with a team that he poured 15 years into; I don’t see a problem with it.”

We completely agree with what manager Dave Roberts had to say, any player who has given over a decade to a franchise will be overwhelmed by the kind of respect Freddie Freeman got.

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