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“What. Goddamned. A**holes”: Fox Sports virtually defacing the 9/11 memorial, attempt MLB game advertisement

New York Fans tearing up Fox Sports for 9/11 advertisement on twitter.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports attempted to advertise the game between New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox through a rather disrespectful graphic. Fans blasted twitter with their discomfort as they were not able to believe that Fox Sports can stoop so low in order to promote a game.


The New York fans were left gob smacked at the stupidity produced here from some or the other high post personnel at Fox Sports. They indeed made the ground zero monument, National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center site, a promotion board for themselves.

 The division later apologized for the insensitive depiction. Fox Sports superimposed the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox logos onto the field as graphic promotion. The advertisement took place in the broadcast of a Saturday Night show called “Baseball Night in America


“During last night’s telecast, we used poor judgment on the use of a graphic,” a Fox Sports spokesman said in a statement. “We sincerely apologize and regret the decision.”

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New York Fans feel unsettled after the horrible advertisement by Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Ex Fox Sports anchor Keith Olbermann tweeted his discomfort, he joined Fox Sports Net in 1998 for a weekly sportscast, but in 2001 he was fired after he reported that Rupert Murdoch, “Holy Mother of Christ – @MLBonFox and @FoxSports really superimposed the Red Sox and Yankees logo over the footprint of the World Trade Center?”

He added, “Right on top of the 9/11 Memorial? Fuck you, @FoxSports. It was always shameful to work for you but this eclipses everything else.”

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He even posted the advertisement video while writing, “Here is video of @MLBONFOX and @FoxSports superimposing MLB logos over the 9/11 Memorial. There have to be firings over this. Lots of them. What. Goddamned. Fox. Assholes.”

The memorial pools that were showcased in the graphic sit in the footprints of the North and South Towers of the original trade center that collapsed on 9/11. The names of those who died on that date and in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing surround the pools.

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