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“Could care less” – Yankees’ Josh Donaldson suspended and fined by MLB for way of addressing Sox’s shortstop Tim Anderson

On Tuesday White Sox’s, Tim Anderson stated that it wasn’t his concern whether Yankees’ Josh Donaldson was fined or suspended from the MLB for his “Jackie” comment.

Tim Anderson

White Sox’s shortstop Tim Anderson made it very clear on Tuesday that there was no place for inside jokes between him and New York Yankees’ Josh Donaldson regarding the latter’s calling him “Jackie” over the weekend, in reference to Jackie Robinson. Donaldson was punished with a one-game suspension. Later the two said that they didn’t have any sort of relationship for him to be calling Anderson “Jackie” for the first time in 2019.

To this point, Tim Anderson further added, “He did say that, and I told him we never have to talk again”. “I don’t speak to you, you don’t speak to me if that’s how you want to refer to me. I know, he knew exactly what he was doing because I already told him”. Anderson stated that even when Donaldson played with the Minnesota Twins the two had not developed any friendship. Though a certain shift did take place in a game in Chicago between the two teams.

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Anderson didn’t take the “Jackie” comment as a joke like Donaldson

Josh Donaldson suspended for his “Jackie” comment

Both Tim Anderson and Josh Donaldson had a bit of talking this weekend and even during the Chicago match where Donaldson called Anderson “Jackie” once again. Meanwhile, Donaldson stated that his comment was taken from back in the 2019 interview with Sports Illustrated in which Anderson described himself as “today’s Jackie Robinson” in how he’s “getting to a point where I need to change the game.”

Donaldson emphasized this point and said that the two had previously “joked around” casually with this “Jackie” comment, as penned on nypost.com. Aaron Judge, the Yankees outfielder stated that the league suspended Donaldson as they felt his comment was “disrespectful and in poor judgment”. He also said that Donaldson made a “mistake” and it wasn’t intentionally meant to be harmful.

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While on the other hand, Anderson is completely in his zone of all this fuss concerning him. He added, “It’s out of my control, so I’m cool with whatever”. “I could care less about the suspension.” He further stated that he hasn’t heard from the Yankees or from Donaldson regarding this matter, and even if they don’t contact him he wouldn’t mind the slightest, “I’m not looking for no friendship or relationship from that behalf,”. “I’m going to keep playing hard and being a great teammate.”

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