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“Ultimate Fighter” Jake Heun sentenced to prison for 8 years for drug trafficking

Former MMA fighter Jake Heun has been sentenced to prison for trafficking drugs.

Jake Heun sentenced to 8 years of prison

Australian MMA fighter Jake Heun has been sentenced to nearly 8 years in prison. The fighter was convicted with charges of drug trafficking.

Jake Heun, is an MMA fighter who most recently fought for the promotion RIZIN. The 34-year-old fighter was recently charged with trafficking drugs and sentenced to nearly 8-year imprisonment in Australia. This news was first reported by Daily Mail. His last fight was in 2019 and has not fought professionally since then.

The fighter, Heun was also part of “The Ultimate Fighter” season 17. His run was not very impressive as he fought only once on the show and fell victim to a submission in the first round via armbar. His second appearance in the UFC was in the 19th season of the show TUF. He has also fought in other organizations like PFL.

Jake Heun smuggled cocaine and meth

Jake Heun

The MMA fighter was convicted of smuggling illegal drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine. Jake was arrested in the year 2020 when his package of drugs was spilled and the officers took him into custody. The fighter tried to convince the law enforcement that he had mistaken them for PED’s which are performance-enhancing drugs that are common among athletes.

The fighter from Alaska was sentenced to an exact seven years and nine months in prison in Victoria, Australia. The police found out that the fighter was involved in drug trafficking after confiscating his phone and going through it. The former fighter is most likely to be deported out of Australia after his prison time.

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