“I’m the last pureblood!” Andrew Tate HEATED after Piers Morgan questions integrity over rejecting COVID vaccine

Controversial social media personality Andrew Tate recently gave his take on the Covid-19 pandemic in latest interview with Piers Morgan.

“I’m the last pureblood!” Andrew Tate HEATED after Piers Morgan questions integrity over rejecting COVID vaccine

Andrew Tate and Piers Morgan's latest interview in Romania ( Image via X )

A notable confrontation between Piers Morgan and Andrew Tate took place in Romania. The entire interview was documented on YouTube: “Piers Morgan vs Andrew Tate In Romania.”


Piers Morgan engaged in a debate with Andrew Tate. The duo have done a couple of interviews by now. However, this was their first interview after Tate’s highly publicized arrest for serious criminal charges. Tate addressed the COVID-19 pandemic and the controversial vaccine situation during the interview and expressed his opinion. This is what the controversial kickboxer said:

I'd be the last pureblood on the planet before I'd inject myself with poison! Because it is a matter of principle. I am not a farm animal. My blood is mine, it does not belong to the government.
Andrew Tate via interview with Piers Morgan

Andrew Tate was arrested and charged in Romania with rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group for sexual exploitation. Tate faced restrictions but was released from house arrest pending trial after winning an appeal.

He gained fame through kickboxing, earning a significant income and winning the IKF British Cruiserweight Championship. He then went on to become four times world champion. However, Tate has since retired from professional fighting. Despite controversy for his controversial persona on social media, his videos have garnered billions of views, making him one of the internet’s most famous figures.


Andrew Tate’s recent take on the Hamas-Israel conflict

Andrew Tate is a controversial influencer who has taken a firm stance against Israel’s actions in Gaza. Tate referred to it as a “disgusting genocide”. Additionally, he has pledged to donate $200,000 to Palestinian civilians amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate shares his take on the Israel-Hamas conflict ( Image source: X)

In the second half of the interview with Piers Morgan, Tate addressed the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. This is what Tate said:

It is a genocide and it is disgusting and it doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on when you observe a genocide in front of your very eyes you should be disgusted.

The Israel-Hamas conflict, which began in early October 2023, is the deadliest on record for journalists, with 48 reporters killed since the start of the conflict. Talks between Israel and Hamas have faced challenges due to conflicting starting positions. Israeli military assaults on Gaza City persist, accompanied by rocket attacks into Israel. The conflict erupted when Hamas launched a significant assault on Israel on October 7, 2023.

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