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“He’d turn into a feminist”- Dillon Danis calls out Andrew Tate and proposes for a comeback fight in MMA

Dillon Danis has plans to fight Andrew Tate as both the fighters share similar stats.

Andrew Tate and Dillon Danis

Andrew Tate is a former UFC fighter who is currently getting a lot of attention as an internet influencer. Tate has formed a huge fan following of him by making short tik tok or Instagram clips of him saying controversial things. These comments are so controversial that others don’t want to say them and this makes Tate’s content different from everybody else. This doesn’t necessarily mean all good as Tate also gets a lot of hate for his opinions on women.


Danis on the other hand is also a controversial figure and got most of his popularity by becoming the BJJ partner of Conor McGregor. Danis’s last fight was in 2019 when he fought Max Humphrey at Bellator 222. After that, the fighter underwent surgery and has been out of action since then. The fighter has been teased for his comeback a lot of times but most of them never got any development.

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“I’d beat him so bad” – Dillon Danis is positive about beating Andrew Tate if they ever fight

Andrew Tate and Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis recently took to Twitter

to share a message about his potential MMA return which shocked his fans and followers.

Danis revealed that he has plans to make his MMA come back soon. The fighter mentioned that he has intentions to fight Andrew Tate who is 1-0 in his professional career. Danis explained that he has two wins and zero losses and this fight does make a lot of sense. Danis also mentioned that he will definitely beat Tate and will convert him into a feminist.

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“When I come back to MMA I want Andrew Tate he’s 1-0 and i’m 2-0.…. someone’s 0 has to go! I’d beat him so bad he’d turn into a feminist.” Said Dannis.

Both Dannis and Tate have similar career graphs and also share similar popularity. However, it is hard to say if people want to see the duo take each other in an MMA bout. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see Tate’s response to this call-out.

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