“Y’all act like I’m the one who pulled out,” Kayla Harrison to fight substitute Kaitlin Young at 2022 PFL 6

Kayla Harrison's most anticipated fight to date has been postponed due to the withdrawal of Bellator's Julia Budd from the 2022 PFL 6 main event.

Julia Budd Kaitlin Young Kayla Harrison
Julia Budd, Kaitlin Young and Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison’s most anticipated battle to date has been postponed. Bellator’s Julia Budd (16-4) has been forced to withdraw from the 2022 PFL 6 main event against two-time PFL women’s lightweight champion and Olympic gold medalist Harrison (13-0).

Budd will be replaced on the July 1 programme by longtime veteran Kaitlin Young, who will compete at Atlanta’s Overtime Elite Arena (12-12-1). Following an earlier ESPN story, MMA Junkie confirmed the transfer with a source close to the situation. The individual requested anonymity because the promotion had not yet been made public.

Harrison is vying for her third PFL season title in a row. In May, she began her 2022 campaign with a unanimous decision victory over Marina Mokhnatkina at 2022 PFL 3. Young, who hasn’t competed since an October loss to Budd, will be looking to pull a massive comeback.

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Kaitlin Young Kayla Harrison
Kaitlin Young vs Kayla Harrison

After learning that Julia Budd had been hurt, many fans were disappointed since they anticipated Kayla to succeed and put her professional path right. Even Kayla Harrison, who bears the brunt of this alteration, had to clarify that she had nothing to do with it and even wished Julia a swift recovery.

She tweets, “Y’all act like I’m the one who pulled out of the fight. Best wishes to Budd on a speedy recovery.”

Fans are outraged by this unexpected shift. Some even criticise Kayla’s bad promotion decision. As one admirer put it,  “You are in a promotion with zero competition.  Everyone is practically 12 and 12. Its like you are fighting in the special Olympics with zero disabilities.” “No you just signed with a company with no talent so when this happens be prepared,” said another.

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