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WATCH! Instant karma delivered as Dagestani fighter Umakhan Ibragimov knocks out an opponent who faked handshake

Ibragimov landed a devastating lead head kick at the European MMA promotion British Fighting Championship.

Umakhan Ibragimov

It’s not often we see moments like the one captured by Russian mixed martial artist Umakhan Ibragimov. Ibragimov has fought only four professional MMA bouts with 3 wins, all by knockouts. Not much is known about the fighter except that he is from Dagestan, the same land as Khabib Nurmagomedov and fights in the featherweight division of BFC- British Fighting Championship.

What you will now see is a moment of instant karma Ibragimov delivered to his opponent who used a respectful gesture to deceive his attack. A few seconds after this incident, Ibragimov knocks the opponent out in a spectacular fashion.

How Umakhan Ibragimov delivered karma to the opponent, landed him face-first via knockout

Umakhan Ibragimov

As soon as the fight starts, the fighters approach extending hands to touch gloves out of respect, but in return, Umakhan Ibragimov’s opponent deceived his touch with an instant inside leg kick. Ibragimov stayed calm, circled around the opponent, waited for the right moment and landed a flashing lead leg head kick that wobbled his opponent’s head, knocking him out unconscious within seconds of the first round. The opponent fell down face first on the canvas.

The video was recorded by an RT Sports correspondent and uploaded on Instagram captioned “Dagestani MMA Fighter Uma(k)han Ibragimov got a 5 second KO on the British Fighting Championship after his opponent faked a handshake at the start of the bout. Karma?”

What do you think looking at the incident? There have been many moments of karma in MMA history where the fighter who tries to play some tricks on his opponent gets handed a brutal loss. One such well-known incident happened back in 2016 at UFC 196 when UFC Welterweight Eric Silva was knocked out by his opponent Nordine Taleb just minutes after Silva faked glove touch for deceiving a powerful hook punch.

Umakhan Ibragimov

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