‘Model’ husband Alexis Ohanian gushes over wife Serena Williams at the Australian Open

Alexis Ohanian, was fan boy no.1, as he wore a Nike t-shirt with his wife's picture and the words Greatest Female Athlete on it, the world female was crossed out.

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Alexis Ohanian Patrick Mouratoglou

As Serena Williams took on Simona Halep on the court, cheering her on from the box was her husband Alexis Ohanian. Reddit cofounder Ohanian choose a especial Nike t-shirt for the occasion, one that confirmed him as Serena’s no.1 fan.

The t-shirt has an image of Serena, and the words Greatest Female Athlete, with the word Female crossed out. Alexis, wearing that t-shirt and cheering his wife on and found support on social media too. As author Benjamin Dean wrote: “Serena’s husband being the biggest Serena fan is just absolutely what she deserves.”

Alexis Ohanian calls out racist Romanian Billionaire Ion Tiriac 

Madrid Open owner, Romanian Ion Tiriac, had made some nasty comments about Serena in January. Comments about her weight and age, which for obvious reasons were not liked by most, and specially disliked by Serena’s husband Alexis. Today, Alexis once again reminded the world what a racist sounds like.

Serena blows Halep away

As all this drama was unfolding off the pitch and on social media, on the pitch Serena announced that she is back. In a performance that could be her best in the past couple of seasons, she bulldozed past Simona Halep  6-3 6-3, A win in straight sets to book her place in her 40th Grand Slam semifinal.