Molly McCann Encourages Women To Get Into Martial Arts

pc : ufc website

A professional fighter since 2015, Molly McCann currently sits at no.14 in official flyweight rankings in UFC . The 29 yr old also a former Cage Warriors Champion and she is currently holds a 10-2 record.

She told it is so difficult for a women to get into martial arts but after stepping in it is so rewarding as well.

She added that I joined it because I was told that you can’t do it because it’s for men, then I thought why not me..?? But now it’s time that everything is more easy and equal.

And I think you have to get your foot through the door ,if you are interested and then your life will be changed forever. It’s about growth and not being in comfort zone but it’s nice and it will change your life for the better.


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