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Marc Marquez to attend the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix in an effort to keep in touch with Honda and discuss plans for the future

Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez will finally be back in the MotoGP paddock during the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix although he won’t be racing anytime soon.

Marc Marquez

The Italian GP in Mugello was Marc Marquez’s last MotoGP appearance before the 8 time world champion headed off to the USA for his operation. It was after the Italian GP qualifying round that the Honda rider announced that he will be sitting out the 2022 MotoGP season. The main cause being him getting a fourth operation done on his right arm and the recovery period needed after the operation is done. A few weeks back, the Spanish rider needed support for his hand but that isn’t the case now.

The Honda rider’s training and fitness programme keeps getting tougher and tougher. We could get a decision on when the World Champion might be able to get back on the bike at the end of the month. This is because Marc is due for a medical check which will determine the outcome.  At this rate, Marc Marquez will be able to hit the track for training sooner than previously expected. 

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‘Honda is in a critical moment, this is why I will go to Austria’ : Marc Marquez said as he plans to get to the bottom of the issue

Marc Marquez

Honda is in a critical moment,” Marc Marquez said. “I am speaking a lot with my team and trying to understand the 2022 bike, the situation and what is happening. This is why I will go to Austria, to speak to everyone and to meet with the HRC staff from Japan to work for the future. We are all working together, we win together, we lose together, and we will come back together,” he said.

“I’m speaking a lot with Stefan Bradl as well, us and Santi are working together and testing things – both know how I ride. I said in Mugello that I will be at home, but I want to stay connected. With the previous operation I disconnected too much, and I want to be involved so that when I come back, I will have everything fresh,” he continued.

Marc Marquez admitted that he had lost touch with his employers during his last operation. To make up for it, the Honda rider has been taking substantial efforts to keep in touch with his team at HRC in order to stay up to date on everything. Honda has only managed to score 1 podium so far this season. When do you think Marc Marquez will return to MotoGP?

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