Zak Brown: Sport is in very fragile state

    Photo – McLaren

    On Sunday 5th April 2020 McLaren boss Zak Brown warned that due to this corona virus crisis Formula one is in risk and losing its 10 teams unless some big changes are made.

    Recently he told BBC , “I could see through what is going on right now in the world, if we don’t tackle this situation head on very aggressively- two teams disappearing?Yeah.”

    Zak Brown is an businessman and a former professional racing driver who lives in England. He is also the chief executive of McLaren racing. He began his racing career in Karting and he has also won 22 races. He also competed in a German formula three championship race in 1997

    The season is starting in May with two races including the showcase Monaco Grand Prix but it got cancelled and 6 got postponed so far. The sports has made changes already and teams were going to use same cars but Brown said more was needed.

    To put staff on furlough McLaren become the first team. And team bosses are going to discuss cost saving plans on Monday and some further discussion on postponement of technical rule changes to 2023.


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