Mounir Lazzez Wants to Put “Idiot” Mike Perry “in His Place”

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Mounir Lazzez has made his promotional debut at the UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs lge. He debuted against the dangerous Abdul Razak Alhassan and beat him. It was Abdul’s second professional loss. Soon after the fight ended, Mounir Lazzez called out welterweight contender Mike Perry.

During his fight, initially Alhassan stormed Mounir but Mounir suffered his storm for a while and took over the fight later on and won with a unanimous decision.

Mounir was not a bit nervous at the post-fight conference. He said that he was not nervous while stepping inside the ring even though it was his first fight in the world’s largest MMA organization.

He said, “It’s weird I feel normal because I have been seeing this in my mind. It’s just a moment, I feel it. Just like any other fight. I felt calm and composed. In the beginning, we get two-three punches, we go to the grappling, you know?”

Lazzez also added that the technique of visualization which Conor McGregor extensively uses, helps him achieve his goal successfully. He added that he has been visualizing his debut for a very long time and that has helped him in being normal. He said he did not feel any kind of pressure on him.

Mounir also announced that he is ready for the next fight in 2 weeks and is ready to faceoff anyone in the top 15. “Just give me two weeks’ notice and I can take anyone from the top fifteen. I wanna take my career step by step. But it’s hard nowadays because there is a lot of new talent and they would like to stay busy. So that’s exactly what I am planning — to stay busy as well,” the rising star said.

Mounir further announced that he wants to put Mike Perry in his place. Basically, Mounir’s teammate Darren Till has some beef with Mike Perry and Mounir wants to do it for him. When asked the reason behind it, he said:

“It’s just because my teammate Darren Till has an issue with him. So if one of my team he has a problem with someone, it means he has a problem with all of us. I just wanna put him in his place because he’s an idiot. And he’s inspiring the new generation with the idiot stuff he’s doing. I just wanna put him in his place.”

But for now we won’t be seeing Mike Perry fight as UFC recently asked Perry to sort out his issues after his bar incident.

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