Colby Covington responds after Jorge Masvidal refused to fight him

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On Sunday at UFC 251, Jorge Masvidal faced Kamaru Usman in Abu Dhabi. The fight had come up just at six days notice when Gilbert Burns was forced off the card due to Covid-19 and Masvidal had taken his place, but had lost to Kamaru via unanimous Decision.

Unsurprisingly, Masvidal’s former “best friend” turned bitter rival is here to throw dirt on his grave. When asked in post fight press conference, whether Masvidal would like to face Colby Convington, to which the ‘BMF’ champion replied that he wouldn’t fight “that punk” who is “below me by alot”.

Covington, of course, did not let that go unanswered and speaking with Submission Radio, the former UFC interim welterweight champion fired back at his former training partner. “Oh, I’m not below him in anything,” Covington said.

“I’m not below some journeyman fighter who has 15 losses on his record. He got a BMF title. That stands for Broke Mediocre Fighter. What’s he ever done? He’s No. 3 in the rankings, he’s behind me in the rankings. I don’t need to ever fight Street Judas Masvidal. We fought every single day in the gym. I knocked him out all the time. You can go to YouTube and watch the last time we fought. We fought an hour straight in the living room. I used to beat the sht out of him, poke him, play with him, tell him he’s a little btch, whisper in his ear, and he couldn’t do nothing about it. He couldn’t stop me. So, of course he doesn’t want to fight me. Why would he want to fight me? Why would he want to fight a guy that he has no chance to win against?”

Covington and Masvidal have a long tale of friend’s turned enemies. The two trained together for years at American Top Team, and at one point, were reportedly thick as thieves. But as both men began to climb the welterweight rankings, animosity set in and the two have spent the last few years taking shots at one another in the media.

All of this would ordinarily lead to a bad blood feud for the UFC to promote the hell out of, except like Masvidal, Covington says he has no interest in a fight either.

“I could care less about fighting him,” Covington said. “I don’t need to prove to fight him to prove my legacy in this organization and my legacy. My legacy won’t be defined by fighting journeyman like him. So, I could care less if I ever fight him. I’m gonna get my rematch with Marty Fakenewsman and I will hold that undisputed title soon, and anybody can come get it. I take on all-comers. I’m not a little btch like Street Judas, ‘oh, I don’t want to fight him’. You know, he wants to pick and choose easy fights, ‘oh, I want to fight Nate Diaz. Oh, I want to fight Demian Maia, avenge my loss to a fcking 40-year-old virgin’. So, I’m not a little b*tch like Street Judas, I’ll beat everybody in the world, and I don’t need to pick and choose my fights like him.”

But despite both men’s protestations, a fight between the two at this juncture does make a lot of sense. Aside from the promotable storyline, Covington is currently ranked No. 2 in the division and Masvidal is ranked NO. 4. Usman will likely next defend his title against the No. 1 ranked contender, Gilbert Burns, leaving Leon Edwards as a logical open opponent, and Edwards is not the kind of marquee name that both men are adamant they are looking for. A fight between the two of them would be just that, and ultimately, if it comes, Covington says he’d accept the fight, but it’s Masvidal who will balk.

“He has no chance to last five rounds with me, and he knows that deep down inside that I have a different level to my game than Marty Fakenewsman,” Covington said. “He knows that deep down inside. That’s why he’s not gonna step in the octagon with me. Last time we trained, he got knocked out unconscious with a high kick. I faked a takedown, came up. So, he knows who his Daddy is. I’m Jorge Masvidal’s father. That is my son. I’m the King of Miami. I’m Miami’s King, and anybody can come get it. I ain’t gonna pick and choose easy fights and try and say who I’m gonna fight, I’m gonna take anybody, cause I’m the best in the world and that’s what the best in the world does.”

Covington boasts a record of 15-2, while Masvidal has a record of 35-14.

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