“My soul has been raped many times in this business,” Diego Sanchez talks about mental trauma faced by MMA fighters

The winner of 'Ultimate Fighter Season 1' Diego Sanchez raised serious concerns about the mental health of MMA fighters.

Diego Sanchez

The issue of mental trauma being faced by MMA fighters is one of the most discussed topics of concern in recent days. On this Saturday UFC Fight Night’s main event the issue is raised once against by the UFC veteran Diego Sanchez.

Calvin Kattar took a hell of a beating from the former UFC Featherweight champion Max Holloway. Diego Sanchez was also watching the fight and during the fight, he shared a tweet that says,

“Kattar Will never be the same fighter Max Holloway just took a piece of his soul!” to which a Twitter user replied, “I’m guessing u would know a thing or two about that”. To this tweet, Diego gave a concerning reply which says,

“I do! the trauma all differ in size and numbers. The body, not the mind changes to protect its self, hence the hesitation of the bubble that comes with these traumatizing experiences in that space. Yes, I do know actually. My soul has been raped many times in this business.”

UFC is very concerned about the mental condition of its fighters


MMA is a violent sport that requires a lot of rage and aggression this is beneficial for the fighters inside the Octagon but after retirement, this leads to an adverse effect on their minds. One such UFC fighter is Spencer Fisher.

Fisher is one of those fighters whose retirement hasn’t been much kind to them. Since his retirement, he has been dealing with some serious mental health-related issues. UFC is very concerned about its fighters although.

The organization recently gave an amount of 1 Million $ to the Cleveland clinic for the study of this issue. But do you all think it’s high time that fighters should take Diego Sanchez’s warning seriously?

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