Naomi Osaka is feeling ‘nervous’ ahead of the Australian Open 2021

Osaka will quarantine in Adelaide instead of Melbourne ahead of the Australian Open 2021.

Naomi Osaka

It is very common for players to be nervous ahead of a major tournament. Whether you are Top-level or a beginner, playing at a big event is always a big task.

Japanese star Naomi Osaka is no exception. The World No.3 recently revealed her emotions ahead of the commencement of the Australian Open 2021, saying that she is a bit nervous.

Osaka is amongst the favorites to claim the women’s singles title at Melbourne next month. She also won this competition back in 2019.

When I’m playing my first round, I’ll be a little bit nervous: Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka

In a recent interview with Vogue, Osaka detailed her emotions and mental status ahead of the First Grand Slam of the year. “Right now I’m excited because I’m training for it currently but maybe when I’m playing my first round, I’ll be a little bit nervous,” Osaka said.

The Japanese believes that she will be nervous when she lands in Australia. “I’ll probably be nervous when I get there. Maybe I’m not so sure. Usually I’m very excited for Grand Slams,” Osaka continues.

She then goes on to say that every player will be nervous, so her nervousness is normal. “But if I was nervous I would tell myself that everyone’s nervous. I don’t think there’s a player that isn’t nervous going into a Grand Slam,” Osaka added.

Osaka will prepare for the tournament in Adelaide. She will be quarantined at Adelaide instead of Melbourne because the host city has reached its capacity of hosting players. She will be joined by the top 3 in men’s and women’s games at Adelaide.

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