Denny Hamlin seems dejected with the lack of transparency regarding NASCAR’s 24 Hours of Le mans plans for 2023

Read to know why Denny Hamlin is upset with NASCAR and HMC

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin who currently races for Joe Gibbs Racing in his No.11 Toyota Camry and co-owns 23X1 Racing seemed pretty upset with the absence of a public statement from NASCAR regarding its 24 Hours of Le Mans plan with Hendrick Motorsports.

When NASCAR announced this tie-up with HMC, not everyone found it gratifying, out of which one was Denny Hamlin. He seemed extremely displeased with this bold move by NASCAR.

“Finding out through a press conference is not OK,” said Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin
The NextGen car by HMC and NASCAR

Denny Hamlin apart from being upset also seemed frustrated with the fact that he got to know about it via a press conference. He also claimed that NASCAR has too many executives looking after the confidentiality of the organization’s decisions, he also said that it wasn’t a violation of discrepancy but he questioned the transparency of the aforementioned issue.

“Finding out through a press conference is not OK. We have too many people in place, NASCAR has too many executives for that to have slipped through the cracks. Not that it slipped through the cracks, but like, where’s the transparency of it?” questioned Denny Hamlin.

He further added saying that he also understands that this is something they want to do in the way they want to and that it is reasonable but again, he also feels that this will be an advantage for the team owner and he is concerned about that advantage and that he cannot be persuaded that it won’t be an advantage for the team.

“This is kind of them doing their thing and what they want to do, and I understand their reasoning to want to do it,” Hamlin said. “I just thought (from) a team owner standpoint, I’m concerned about how is it not an advantage? You cannot convince me right now that it won’t be,” concluded Denny Hamlin.

Despite Denny Hamlin making such accusations, it doesn’t seem to be affecting Hendrick Motorsports in any way, shape, or form. HMC is still going strong and might eventually end up being one of the strongest teams ever.

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