‘My head is pretty much in the game 24/7,’ claims newly crowned Daytona 500 champion Austin Cindric

Find out what new Daytona 500 champion Austin Cindric had to say about his attitude and thought process about racing

Austin Cindric
Austin Cindric

Penske Racing rookie Austin Cindric won the “Great American Race” edging Bubba Wallace and teammate Ryan Blaney in the last lap at Daytona. Austin Cindric who was just promoted to drive full time in the cup series in 2022 had to avoid multiple crashes and wrecks in the chaotic Daytona International speedway to make his way to the front.

Now Austin cindric, who already secured his place in the 2022 cup series playoff, has expressed how he made it to the top of NASCAR glory saying that he is either an extremely intimidated person or an extremely motivated one he is someone who is in the game 24/7. Austin Cindric went on to say he doesn’t have much of social life and thinks more about racing than anything else adding he isn’t sure about what he has left to prove.

I’m not an externally motivated person and I’m not an externally intimidated person. My head is pretty much in the game 24/7. I don’t think about much, anything else, except for racing. I don’t have much of social life,” Austin Cindric said.

“If there’s anything I have left to prove, I’m not sure what it is,” Austin Cindric added.

“He’s a team player” Roger Penske on Rookie Austin Cindric, the 2022 Daytona 500 winner

Roger Penske
Roger Penske

Roger Penske, the legendary NASCAR team owner, said that Austin Cindric who he saw growing from a very young age is a focused, smart young man who is a student of the game. He went on to say that Austin Cindric is a mature man who dedicates more time in the shop and is a team player who understands his position in the team.  

I’ve seen him grow up as a young man. He’s been focused, he’s been a student of the game, is a smart young man,” Roger Penske said.

“I think he works with the team well. He’s in the shop all the time. And he’s a team player, and he understands his position. He’s a mature man at his age,” Roger Penske added.

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