“Bubba Wallace has won more races than you have ever driven in. Period,” NASCAR Twitter calls out conservative author Nick Adams’ derogatory tweet on Bubba Wallace and Danica Patrick

NASCAR Twitter backlashes author Nick Adams' demeaning tweet on Bubba Wallace and Danica Patrick

Bubba Wallace(L), Nick Adams(C) and Danica Patrick(R)

Nick Adams, the Australian-born, conservative American author continues to make insensitive comments on NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace, 23X1 Racing’s full-time Cup Series driver of the No.23 Toyota Camry, Bubba Wallace which has been going on for a while now, and former professional Motorsport driver Danica Patrick. Given the fact that Bubba Wallace is an outstanding driver who can give the sport’s big guns a run for the money but has unfortunately been unsuccessful this season so far.


This is reportedly not the first time Bubba Wallace is being picked by the author, and surprisingly Adams added the 2008 IndyCar Japan 300 winner Danica Patrick, who is the only woman to date to have won an IndyCar race. The author tweeted ‘TOP 5 WORST NASCAR DRIVERS OF ALL TIME’ and included only Wallace’s and Patrick’s names with Wallace’s being on top and bottom with Patrick’s name in between. The author is also appraised by former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump for two of his books.

Despite Bubba Wallace not having a successful season so far, he is with no doubt an amazing racer and also the only African-American active NASCAR Cup Series driver who has faced many struggles to get to the stage he is in right now and he recently teamed up with LEIDOS to make this sport available to everyone without any discrimination. Danica Patrick similarly faced multiple issues with being one of the very few women in the sport.


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Here’s how NASCAR Twitter reacted to the inhumane tweet on Bubba Wallace and Danica Patrick

Bubba Wallace(L) and Danica Patrick(R)

With Nick Adams, making such a demeaning tweet on two of NASCAR’s best drivers, Bubba Wallace and Danica Patrick, the fans obviously couldn’t take it in and called out the author for his lack of skill and also knowledge in the sport, he has received a huge amount of backlash, which should be expected when one decides to tweet on well-renowned personalities. The author once also said that he was done with NASCAR. Several fans lashed out at the author’s tweet and called him names and other things for his extremely insensitive tweet.

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