“Can’t air our dirty laundry on the radio,” NASCAR Race Hub calls out Bubba Wallace for his rant at his crew chief in Nashville

Find out about NASCAR Race Hub hosts Jamie McMurray and Chad Knaus calling out Bubba Wallace for his rant at his crew in Nashville

Jamie McMurray, Bubba Wallace, and Chad Knaus

Bubba Wallace came to Nashville Cup Race last weekend hoping to get his season back on track as the off-weekend provided him with the best opportunity to do so. Bubba Wallace and the whole 23X1 Racing team were in the best position on their return to the track as both he and Kurt Busch were among the fastest at the practice session. Though Wallace slipped out in the qualifying he was able to get back to the top 10 with ease as the race started.

With an incredible first-half display, Bubba Wallace was confident in finishing inside the top 10 but everything fell apart as the bad luck which has been bugging him the whole season came out to bite him once again. Just seconds after leaving the Pit-Stall Wallace was requested by his crew chief Bootie Baker to stop at his car right then following a loose wheel, which Bubba did, but Tyler Reddick who was running in the back of him slammed into his rear which caused more trouble for the crew.

Wallace was a whole lap down when he made a return to the track after fixing the faults which made him furious as he called out his crew saying “You mother f******,”.  To which  Bootie Baker replied, “Obviously we are a lap down. I apologize for that.”. But Bubba Wasn’t happy at all as he responds to him demanding him to shut up saying “Leave me the f*** alone, dude. Don’t talk to me the whole f****** race,”.

Though Wallace was able to redeem himself with a p12 finish at the end he sure deserved a better finish if not for his crew. How words attracted mixed reactions from the NASCAR community as most acknowledged the fact that the crew has let him down while some disagreed and criticized him for the way he spoke to the crew chief. NASCAR Race Hub hosts Chad Knaus and Jamie McMurray have been among the last group as they called out Wallace for his rant.

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Find out what Chad Knaus and Jamie McMurray said on NASCAR Race Hub

Chad Knaus and Jamie McMurray

Chad Knaus acknowledged that the No:23 team had a lot of problems at the pit road which they have pointed out in the past also but revealed that he doesn’t like the way it has come across. He then went on to share his experience with legend Jimmie Johnson and the fights they had when they were together which weren’t beneficial for both the parties involved. He pointed out that he and Jimmie were able to reconcile and understand the fact they can’t just throw dirt at each other like that through the radio as none of the crew wanted the mistake to happen.

They’ve had a lot of problems on pit road. We’ve talked about that in the past. I don’t like the way that came across. Look, I’ve lived it. I can say it because I’ve done it. I’ve lashed out at Jimmie (Johnson). Jimmie’s lashed out at me. I’ve gone through all this and nothing right there is beneficial,” Chad Knaus said.

I think getting upset and saying don’t talk to me; you just can’t do that. Say it, don’t push the button. And that’s one thing that Jimmie and I finally got to the point where we understood we just can’t air our dirty laundry on the radio because it’s just really difficult to manage those situations. Because nobody on that team wanted that to happen. I can promise you that,” Chad Knaus added.

2010 Daytona 500 winner, Jamie McMurray agreed with his co-host’s opinion in sharing his as he also acknowledges the fact that the crew messing up once again after they came back to the track with a good mindset after the off-season is something worth being frustrated about but he was a quite bit too aggressive. He added that Bootie did an exceptional job of keeping his cool in the situation if he had talked back the situation would turn out to be much worse. He also the perspective of Wallace as he was accidentally ranting to make the crew not repeat those mistakes.

It was a little aggressive, for sure. But you know, he’s frustrated. They’ve had their fair share of issues. If you go back, they had all these issues before the break. And I heard Bubba say this weekend, you get the off-weekend, everybody gets re-energized, and then they come out, and they have a fast car. And they have that issue again,” Jamie McMurray said.

First off, I thought Bootie did an exceptional job not losing his mind on Bubba as well, knowing that’s not going to make the situation better. From Bubba’s perspective saying that it’s such a mental aspect for the pit crew guys when you beat them up, it’s not going to help them the next pit stop. And Chad said it, they didn’t do that on purpose. It’s an accident,” Jamie McMurray added.

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