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Cup series underdog Chase Briscoe is all set to thrive under low expectations  

Find out what Chase Briscoe had to say about his championship hopes and how he thrives under low expectations.

Chase Briscoe

Chase Briscoe has been one of the most improved drivers of the 2022 season. The SHR younger has been the Ford team’s main man throughout the season.  With Kevin Harvick’s elimination from the playoff, he is the only remaining championship hope for the Stewart Hass Racing garage.


Chase Briscoe has currently positioned above the cutoff entering the Talladega playoff race this Sunday. This put Briscoe in the right position to play it safe in the superspeedway that is notorious for its unpredictable nature.

The SHR driver by no means is the championship favorite. A major portion of fans doesn’t even expect to see the youngster in the championship four battle. Chase Briscoe made a career in NASCAR by proving his doubters wrong and the underdog status suits him better than any other driver in the present playoff grid.


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Chase Briscoe opens up about his championship chances  

Chase Briscoe celebrating his victory at Phoenix Raceway

Chase Briscoe said that he loves being in a position of a write-off from the championship. He pointed out that he has been the championship favorite in his Xfinity series days and there is serious pressure as you are expected to win the championship by many.

I love being in this position truthfully where everybody writes us off. You know, I’ve been on the other side of it in the Xfinity Series where you’re the championship favorite, and it’s not near as fun. It’s a lot more pressure, I feel like,” Chase Briscoe said.

Chase Briscoe reiterated that he likes to be the write-off in the championship. He pointed out that this situation present’s him with the opportunity to prove doubters wrong under minimal pressure.

So for me, I like being in the situation that we’re in where everybody writes us off. They don’t think they even have to worry about us. You know, they’re all counting us out before we even go to the race track. And you can just go there with no pressure and try to prove them wrong,” Chase Briscoe added.

Chase Briscoe said that he has been a write-off though put his career. He added no one expected to see him in the premier stock car racing scene or not even in the truck series. Briscoe pointed out that he scratched and clawed his way up to the top.  

For me, it’s kind of been like that my whole career, you know? Nobody expected me to ever get to this point. Nobody expected I’d make it into the Truck Series. And, you know, we’ve just scratched and clawed and never gave up and it’s kind of the same,” Chase Briscoe explained.

What are the championship 4 odds for Chase Briscoe?

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