Dale Earnhardt Jr. acclaims Ty Gibbs’s “emotional control and ability to sort of restraining himself” after his Pocono Xfinity outing

Find out how Ty Gibbs has impressed Dale Earnhardt Jr. with the maturity he has shown in Pocono

Ty Gibbs and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Ty Gibbs burst into the NASCAR scene in 2022 as the grandson of Joe Gibbs Racing team owner, Joe Gibbs, made his full-time debut in the NASCAR Xfinity series. The No:54 JGR driver though bagged 4 wins so far this season and has positioned himself as a championship contender failed to earn the respect of his fellow competitors and the NASCAR community until recently.

The on and off-field antics earned Ty Gibbs a spoiled rick kid persona among his peers as he was involved in multiple incidents such as wrecking rivals, punching fellow racers, demoralizing law budget drivers, and trying to wreck his own teammate John Hunter Namecheck. All this along with the $15000 fine he earned along the way made it hard for him to gain respect.  

Ty Gibbs seems to be on the right path eliminating his bad boy persona as the driver showed real maturity in the Pocono Xfinity series race, the Explore the Pocono Mountains 225, where he finished second behind winner and championship contender Noah Gregson. Considering the rivalry between the duo and Gibbs’s reputation he wouldn’t have also done anything if he had driven in his usual aggressive style I n the race but he chose not to do so in the two given opportunities.

The NASCAR community along with Noah Gregson was impressed by the restraining and maturity shown by the young Gibbs. JR Motorsports owner and NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr., who was also infamous for his aggressive driving in his young days, has also expressed his thoughts during a recorded postrace press conference featuring the winning driver and team owner on how much he was impressed by Gibbs Change.

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Find out what Dale Earnhardt Jr. said. On Ty Gibbs

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. acknowledged that he is so impressed by the young Gibbs as he decided to hold back when he had the time and easy opportunity with him to have an aggressive drive at Noah Gregson without any serious repercussion which he decided against racing cleanly. He pointed out that he was pretty taken back why what happened there and pointed out that now Noah Gregson owns one such clean drive to Gibbs if they ever get into such a situation again.

I was so impressed by Ty. He was in a situation where it would have been easy for him to use up Noah a little bit and raced him even a little bit harder without any real repercussion, and he raced really clean. I was pretty taken aback by that. Now, it’s on Noah when they’re in that same situation to give him that same amount of respect,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. went on to say that he wanted to publicly acknowledge Ty Gibbs’s maturity and pointed out that the young Gibbs has taken in the criticism that came his way and learned and evolved from it. Dale jr. added that he is everything NASCAR wanted to see from a young driver that is learning from the repercussions and getting better in that way.

I just wanted to publicly say how impressed I am with Ty. He takes some criticism and makes changes and he improves. He evolves. He’s everything you’d want in a driver in terms of seeing a mistake or seeing the repercussions from something and trying to be better going forward,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. added.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. went on to add that Ty Gibbs has proved his restraint and emotional control against one of his fiercest competitors in Noah Gregson. He added that it would have been after for Gibbs to have a go on Gregson in eyes of some in the NASCAR community as both drivers have a history among them but he showed impressive maturity and growth in that situation.

“I think Ty proved he has restraint, and he proved that even against one of his fiercest competitors and rivals that he has control, emotionally. So that was what was most impressive to me, because there is history with those two drivers, and it would have been, in some people’s eyes, completely fair for Ty to race him harder and more physically. I was impressed by that, because usually, from such a young driver, you don’t see that type of emotional control and ability to sort of restrain yourself,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. explained.

The impressive weekend turns out to be greater for Gibbs later as he was given his cup debut replacing medically unfit Kurt Busch of 23X1 Racing’s No:45 car. He did have an amazing cup outing as he was able to finish P16 after starting all the way back and showed that he is ready for the switch. Now for the sake of conspiracy ‘Did Ty Gibbs really show maturity or is it just part of the Gibbs’s plan to get his Grandson to the cup?’

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