WATCH: “Larson’s jockstrap is more talented than Dillon”- Fans react as Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon tangle in the final lap at Watkins Glen

Larson and Dillon had a conversation about incident after the race.

WATCH: “Larson’s jockstrap is more talented than Dillon”- Fans react as Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon tangle in the final lap at Watkins Glen

Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon spinning on the final lap at Watkins Glen (Credits: Twitter)

In a dramatic twist on the last lap of the Watkins Glen race, Austin Dillon and Kyle Larson found themselves entangled in a tangle that left fans divided and scratching their heads. As the video replay of this incident hit Twitter, fans unleashed a torrent of opinions, creating a virtual storm of heated debates and humorous banter.

As they approached the race’s climax, Dillon and Larson were locked in an intense skirmish. The final lap was a rollercoaster ride, with the two drivers relentlessly battling for supremacy. But it all came to a head on the last corner of the track. Both drivers made contact while going around a right-hander, causing their cars to spin out of control. Fortunately, no cautions were thrown in. Before this incident, they had been fighting for the 19th position.  


Following the race, Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon exchanged heated words on pit road, fueled by Larson’s frustration over an early penalty. This setback relegated Larson to the fiercely contested midfield. Corey Lajoie, a witness, capitalized on their collision, securing a 20th-place finish. Meanwhile, Larson managed to restart his engine and salvage a 26th-place finish, while Dillon couldn’t and ultimately finished in 31st place.

The race saw Larson’s teammate, Will Byron, in spectacular form, cruising to his fifth victory of the season, marking a significant triumph for Hendrick Motorsports. However, the rest of the team faced an array of obstacles. Larson, who had swept the Xfinity and Cup Series events at the Glen the previous year, couldn’t quite muster the same magic this time.

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Fans ridicule the aggressive moves for a 19th-place finish

Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon post-race argument
Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon post-race argument (Credits: Twitter)

Fans couldn’t help but take sides. On one side, there were fervent Larson supporters, defending their driver and accusing Dillon of provocation. Conversely, Dillon’s loyal fans aimed at Larson, mocking him and accusing him of squandering opportunities. Dillon fans poked fun at Larson’s backers for supposedly harboring double standards. In retaliation, Larson’s camp ridiculed Dillon, citing nepotism and questioning his seat at Richard Childress Racing.

Amidst the chaos, the neutrals found a reason to chuckle. To them, the spectacle seemed like a tempest in a teapot, an overblown drama over the 19th position. One user summed it up humorously, calling the race an “absolute snoozer” until this last-lap showdown injected a much-needed dose of excitement.


The Watkins Glen race itself was a test of skill and strategy. With three out of four Hendrick Motorsports cars struggling to find their rhythm, it was a challenging day for the team. The overall race picture showcased the stark contrast in fortunes among Hendrick Motorsports drivers. In the end, as the dust settles and the social media frenzy subsides, one thing remains certain – the drama never stops, even on the last lap. 

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