‘I respect their decision,’ Denny Hamlin on NASCAR’s decision to send him for sensitivity training following his racially insensitive Tweet

Find out what Denny Hamlin has to say about NASCAR’s decision to send him for mandatory sensitivity training

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin was one of the high-profile NASCAR drivers who gave a lot of attention and effort to NASCAR’s efforts to make the, traditionally white-dominated sport less discriminative towards other races. He joined hands with Basketball legend Michael Jordon to introduce the 23X1 racing team and gave a seat to Bubba Wallace, in his car, to give the sole black racer in the grid an opportunity to perform well.

But following the 2022 Talladega Cup race Denny Hamlin find himself headlining NASCAR news for all the wrong reasons as one of his tweets, which was a troll against rival Kyle Larson was spotted to be racially insensitive which made twitter call him out. The troll was accused of mocking Kyle Larson’s Asian Heritage.

Denny Hamlin came out apologizing for the tweet soon after claiming he failed to identify the insensitive part of the tweet and was only focused on the Funny part. NASCAR wasn’t having any of it though as the premier Stock Car racing association announced that Denny Hamlin will be attending mandatory sensitivity taring for his actions.

Now Denny Hamlin has come forth to share his opinion on the incident and sensitivity training.

Denny Hamlin on NASCAR’s decision to send him for sensitivity training

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin acknowledges that he respects and understands the decision from NASCAR to make him undergo the sensitivity training. He went on to say he failed to identify the racist or stereotypical part of the tweet when he made it as he saw a correlation between that and Kyle Larson’s driving.

“I respect their (NASCAR) decision. I understand where they are with it. I saw the correlation in the driving. That was it. I didn’t even think twice about the other [part]. That’s the insensitive part, right? Whoever created it, I guess, put his name in front of a woman who’s speaking Asian. I guess you’re making fun of that,” Denny Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin added that he understands how some people find the tweet offensive and even if that is one, he finds it too many. He once again reiterated that he wasn’t aware of the insensitive part of the tweet but completely understand NASCAR’s decision. 

“I definitely understand how some people could find it offensive. If it’s one, then it’s one too many. I understand it all. I didn’t think this fell into that category. Certainly, I understand their (NASCAR’s) decision,” Denny Hamlin said.

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