“I watched him, I raced against him, I wanted him and I got him” Denny Hamlin on signing Tyler Reddick to drive for 23X1 from 2024

Find out what Denny Hamlin, the 23X1 Racing team co-owner had to say about signing Tyler Reddick to drive for them from 2024

Denny Hamlin and Tyler Reddick

Denny Hamlin, the veteran NASCAR cup driver for Joe Gibbs Racing, joined hand with NBA legend Michael Jordon in 2021 to enter the cup series with their own outfit, the 23X1 Racing team. The iconic duo was able to rope in NASCAR’s only full-time African American driver Bubba Wallace to drive for only the second Toyota team on the grid who was able to secure their first win in Talledega. And the team expanded by signing veteran Kurt Busch for their second theNo:45 car, which was rewarded with yet another wins this time at Kansas.

Now the team has another major signing joining them as they have announced that Tyler Reddick, who now piolets the No:8 Camaro ZL1 for Richard Childress Racing will be driving for the team in 2024. The young gun who has two Xfinity titles in his pocket joined RCR two seasons ago and was able to overcome the constant misfortunes to secure his first career win two weekends ago at Road America, which also secured him a spot in the 2022 season’s playoffs.

Tyler Reddick will be driving for the No:8 RCR team next season also as Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch are expected to return to the grid with the 23X1 team one more year. Reddick joining the team in 2024 will be a big boost for them but the big question remains which among the two current drivers’ positions will be sacrificed? as both of them have a kind of balanced business and driving potential to offer for the future.

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Find out what Denny Hamlin had to say on the signing

Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin talks about the signing of the youngster and that it’s exciting for him to announce Reddick joining the Toyota family from the 2024 season as he was able to convert the casual conversation of him coming over to the team into reality. He went on to say that Tyler Reddick was the first one to reach out to them about the way they are running the team as he offered his appreciation for the way the team is run pushing the limits.  

It’s exciting obviously uh you know Tyler will be joining the 2311 and Toyota family starting in 2024. this is these conversations started a long time ago just very casual in the sense of really Tyler reaching out when we started the team, saying love what you’re doing like you know it looks like you guys are really uh you know pushing the limits and doing things a little differently,” Denny Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin went on to say that after the initiation of that conversation, and once being in the position Reddick is now in, in his youth days, it gradually changed into questions about his future. He added that he asked OEM for permission to pursue a potential signing of Reddick  which was wholeheartedly agreed upon by the team as they found it the right direction to go looking forward.

And it’s good to see and from that point, you just start some conversations, and obviously I’ve lived in his talents for a very long time and after a while, I realized that you know I started asking that kind of important questions about his future and then I asked obviously permission from the OEM that uh can I pursue this individual and they wholeheartedly agree that this is a good direction for us,” Denny Hamlin added.

Denny Hamlin went on to explain that he has watched and competed against Tyler Reddick which was the reason behind his signing. He went on to say that there is no sponsor or other details set in for Reddick’s debut with the team so far as the main objective of the signing was to make sure that Tyler Reddick will be driving for them in the future.

I watched him, I raced against him, I wanted him and I got him and I didn’t know anything else that goes along with that right and honestly, there are no hidden secrets here we do not know who the sponsor will be we do not know what car it is it’s all we know is we wanted them and we made sure we planted our feet deep in the ground to make sure that uh Tyler had an opportunity with this race team and we made it happen,”  Explained Denny Hamlin.

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